Saturday, 12 November 2011

November Favourites!

Bounjourno mia lil flower beds,

It's officially November, my favourite month of the year 
(and no, it is not my birthday month) and i celebrated it with a bang: awesome fireworks,
exams, exam results, redecorating blog and just having fun! Ooo i'll post some pictures of
the fireworks i went to this year:

They were INCREDIBLE! So thank you Viviana and Isabella, LUSM x
I worked out, i might as well restart my november favourites, why not? i used to do them aall the time when i first started, i actually remember my one this time last year. It was
snowing! oh well, i prefer fireworks to snow any day...Anyways i decided why not restart my monthly favourite posts, i'm sure i don't need to fill you in with what they are so i'll go straight in! Also one of the things i don't have a picture of, but i will get pictures off the website + mini review all the items.

 My november favourites! 

 From the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette, i gotta say Soulmates is my go to shade, from the day section i think. It is my lid colour, highlight colour, inner corner colour. I love it! It is highly pigmented and has only a bit of fallout if not tapped out the excess or use too much! It stands out sooo much on my eyes and the shimmer is so perfect! The colour lasts ages with minimal fading, i do recommend though using a primer and if wanted a setting spray. It is a gorgeous shiny champagne cream with a lot of shimmer and really pigmented, i looove it! 

The two polishes i love at the moment, both by BarryM and i'm using them at the moment, in a leopard print design:
 haha ignore the foil behind it till the end where i will explain...but as you can see i have a pink and gold leopard design.
I've always loved BarryM polishes and for being only £2.95 each, i get as many as i can. Down part is you do not get these in America. The consistency  is just right, not too liquidy or creamy and just right. They do go gloopy quickly though so you have to close them quickly in between hands or coats. I love Bright Pink, no. 279, because it is the perfect barbie pink. It is a creme finish and dries quite quickly. Gold, no. 289, is perfect for finishing touches on nail art, i've actually never tried this on like pure coats, it is not too shimmery but mainly metallic but has a few particles of iridescent glitter. 

Lush's Sweet Lips lip scrub i've had for ages, but i used it sooo often recently and i absolutely love it, the flavour of this one is Vanilla and Chocolate. Most people love the Bubblegum lip scrub, candy and sweet, but i prefer this one - more subtle! It makes ur lips smoooth and flat, if the flat part makes sense like not flakey and i love it! The perfect base for any drying lipstick!

Then i have two favourite lip combos, both in which pictures ARE TERRRRRRRRRRRIBLE 

This is Collection 2000's Lasting Colour Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy then on the right it is Benefit's Lipgloss in Back to the Fucshia 
Awful swatch, the lip stick is actually a hot magenta with blue undertones and the lipgloss is a dark pinky red with gold shimmer! 

Obviously i cannot wear this during the day since it is quite HOT! i like wearing this in the evening and to parties, deffinately gets noticed and makes lips look plumper yet more defined! The next one is my everyday nude! 

Mac's Her Fancy lip stick paired with Mac's dazzleglass in Sugar-rimmed! Not only is the like cupcakes/bakeries on your lips - due to the lipgloss taste and the smell of the lipstick it is a heavenly marshmellow colour. The lipstick is a Lustre? and is a beautiful marshmallow pink with iredescent and silver shimmers to it. The lipglass was bought by my friend Elle for my birthday and even though i love wearing it i had never found the right combo for it! since it is very opaque and light and glitter it has to be done correctly, so i use a sprinkle of it on top of Her Fancy....personally i quite Fancy a cupcake after this.......'Ooooo Etiiiiiii' (my sister, who just discovered a talent for baking)
a failed swatch of it /\
an ok swatch of both combos, again the bottom combo is a lot dark and brighter in person and the lipgloss is much more noticable.

now i have TWO eyeliners to show you, last month i didn't really use liner but this month i got straiiiight back into it. especially nearer the end. The bottom one, Collection 2000's
Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in black is amazing, as it says it has a felt tip applicator and produces a nice opaque sturdy line! The silver is just beautiful, it is BarryM's classic pencil in Silver and i just love it. It really warms up any eye and adds a beautiful seductive shimmer when it catches the light!

 I've been using my Studio Fix powder a lot this month, since there is like no sun my skin has gone even paler then usual, yes i am now officially a vampire (when the sun comes out i'll but Sugar-Rimmed lipglass everywhere so i'm sparkley :) ) and i can use this now since it is NW15 and i am NW20, it was a gift but i love it and it does block out all oil, i usually re-apply though! 

I've also loved Lush's Sultana of Soaps soap this month, but i'm gonna do a separate review on that soon...

Have you noticed the new blog banner? if not scroll upwards...........



oh how i love this time of the year, but how clever is the title, WMRDX-MAS, come on gimme five! i think it's really cute and i spent like 4 hours on it so be proud!

But i g2g to have some rice,


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