Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Own Starbucks range?

Hi everyone!

I'm back with a new type of post, recently i've been speaking to a blogger called Hannah (Hey hann!) from, or which way to wonderland? as most people call it. We were tweeting about if we had our own vaseline ranges and She is SO creative! Her range was amazing featuring Banana Split, Bubblegum and Passion Fruit and many more, i'll look the post ici...But i had a theory of my own starbucks range after i got the White Chocolate Mocha frappy trending (but i do give all credits to Jeanette @ and thought of making a few more, so here i go! 

This one is a Chocolate Frappuccino with Peppermint Syrup and cream with chocolate sauce! 
hahah this one is a beauty! White Chocolate Frappuccino (thanks to Jeanette and I, THESE ARE AMAZEBALLS BTW) with Banana syrup, so think chocolate and nutella with cream AND SPRINKLES! SPRINKLES! 

This is one of my favourites i've designed and you can probably order it, is a Chocolate Frappuccino with Strawberry sauce! with whipped cream and caramel sauce. yummmmy! 

Ok, this is one for Lauren or Lauzza, hI LAUZZAAA
This is sooo creative! ok it is marshmallow, with a coffee base, frappuccino (no they do not yet sell it) with strawberry sauce, whipped cream and marshmallow fluff! 

This was just a quick post, but i hope you enjoyed! and what's your ideal starbucks, comment down below! 



  1. The white chocolate frappacino sounds ah-mazing! x

  2. Oh, it is! I love it! its my 'usej' (usual shortened). And i tried the peppermint choco today! TASTES LIKE AERO BARS! without the bubbles <3