Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Skincare Routine - My faves

Hey again,
today is NOT a wish list, but a skin care routine and you will be able to see the things on my skin as i do my morning routine...

I start of with washing my face with warm water THEN i add a head band so the products dont get in my hair...

haha me with random gold head band to keep hair of my  face

Start wih exfoliating, 2 a week i use this scrub cause otherwise its to harsh but i do exfoliate at least every other day. This scrub is Soap & Glory Greatest Scrub Of All. It says 'Facial Exfoliator with  smooth-boosting spheres  that pop open when you press on them', i notice that if i use it with my hands rubbing it in the beads dont tend to pop - or u dont notice them but when i use the exfoliating gloves it goes from a rocky liquid to a smooth formula on your skin. It has almond smells, which honastly, I DISLIKE but for a product this good. WORTH IT. a lot. and cheap i think £8.95? or £6.95

the gloves

I first run them over hot water

then get A PEA SIZED AMOUNT OF THE EXFOLIATOR, and rub it on my skin for 30 seconds

then i remove it with a baby wipe, because with water i feel the beads dont come off properly


the days i do not use this exfoliator, i use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I love it, i bought the mini bottle - £1.19, and it is amazing.Smells good, like marzipan.

Then i cleanse, twice a week i use Lush's Aqua Marina. Which has seaweed and aloe vera to calm skin. This is mainly for sensitive skin but can leave skin feeling heated and itchy, so its not my fave. i suggest Angels on Bare Skin for not sensitive skin. BUT DAILY I USE:

ooo picture from inside

GOOD THINGS STAY CLEAR CLEANSER. purifying cleanser. Its all natural and made my using SUPERFRUITS. this smell is Mango & Blueberry, my faves. And smells amazing. Slightly too runny and sickly/sticky though.. but amazing. i want to try the Raspberry & Lychee Eye Cream...smells too good to be true.

it says rub on for a minute, then wash up. but i just do it till it lathers up like shown above..


DONE but now lets show you the fave SKIN PRODUCTS EVER!!!!

BB SEAWEED LUSH FACE MASK. ok lets start of with the cons. IT SMELLS LIKE ALMOND. I HATE ALMONDS. but get over it.  It says: Relaxing and Reviving fragrant (HA GOOD ONE), mineral rich mask to cleanse. soften and beautify all skins. Contains seaweed, aloe vera, rose, honey...AFTER JUST ONE WASH my skin was all cleared up. it is amazing. 

lusm, keep following and commenting for more, and gimme some recommendations of posts 


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