Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Celebrity: Katy Perry

Hello good friends,
this is just a quickie (lusm gabi and jj - long story), mind the sexy pun there, but its on a celebrity, a weekly/14dayly, series starting today chosing a female celebrity to write about. 
This episode:

shall we start:

makeup and beauty:
Formal, sexy outfit. i LOVE THAT NECKLACE. like the nude pink lips, and the basic eyeliner..

Wow, can you see the lashes? They are just amazing, fabulous. Silver eyeshadow? gnona be a big trend soon, coral blush? A LOVE, and that coral/red lipstick is just gorgeous. i like the fact its not overly glossy or bright. just beautiful.
I love those lips, thats my faveourite. at the purrs release, wearing a pretty dress she has red blush, black eyes - makeup, thick lashes. hot.
I LOVE THIS, this is a dark pink lip - im in love with her lips. just to pretty for words, the colour always is perfect. i like htis light red and the grey colour pop....And that dress is soo cute, the boob section reminds me of her eyes...
More tan godess. bronzed face, coral neautral lips and sexy smokey. i c her a Kaphrodite. (goddess of love)

NOW HAIR, queen of versatility...
least fave, but this cute pinup girl outfit is sooooooooooooo hot.
I find this soooo pretty, really unique. Makes me think of the old McFly song 5 Colours in her Hair!!!!! She looks so pretty with the blue pink red orange long black hair, is so sexy.
BACK TO THE TAN GODESS. that side fringe is to die, with the gentle curls. Faint black smokey eye and neautral beige lippy. So hot, but the dress is a bit too revealing...
I love this, the sexy hair and the classic look. i love the bright pink lips and the party eye but that hair even i have something to be jelous off, and that dress is soooo nice
short sweet and simple. beach waves, clipped to the side. red lips. queen of versatility.

do you?

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