Friday, 7 January 2011

Thankyou JJ, lovely small christmas haul......

ello ello ello my blog readers, this is yet another small haul.i had my first day of term today, and wat a right day it has been, i love saying things in an english old accent.......It started of with IT, with a teacher who is very rude when u do the slightest bit wrong. then science with an annnnnnnnnnnoying teacher who is like tres annoying and then music with a teacher is surprisingly like and we started Western African Music woop. sarcastic woop. and then double maths BLURG (urgh.blah) with a teacher who severely hates  me then ending with drama with a psycho teacher then LIBARY with a fat annoying teacher who thinks im satan in human form, which im not. ish. maybe. alright yes i am but she doesnt know that. jokes. ish. here we go again so lets get to the point eh?

jj, my trusty friend jeanette whose blog is linked on the word HERE:, i lusm her blog.......and she got me my xmas prezzies back from new york, i got her a big lush box and she got me 2 AMAZING THINGS!!!!

the first is amazing, duh cause everything jj does is amazing LUSM J hahahaha but she got me YANKEE CANDLE IN CHRISTMAS COOKIE.....

it smells amazing:

Tones: Vanilla , shortbread, gingerbread, vanilla, cake batter, dash o honey, icing.
it smells so good and im desperate to burn it but when i move house, at like the end of this year or like september or maybe even august i dunno but from like july onwards i will be moving and i want to burn it when my room is finished so my room spells AMAZING and i want to buy the Jack Wills Matches as well so i can light them :) kinda flashy but look soooooooo cool!!! like it smells so good that i kept it in my new Ollie & Nic School Bag so i can just take it out a take a whiff.....MMMMMMMMMMMMM 

I rate this candle: 5 STARS, well till i burn it....

The second prezzie which is like the 'main' prezzie is:
Sephora Colour Play 5 in 1 Limited Fashion Edition (sorry for the picture, read till the end and u will find out why :'(   )

i love this palette. it comes with 5 sections that all pop out and can fitt into a casing with a mirror so easily transported, colours are:
Boho Bombshell - dark blues, warm taupes, warm golds
Classics Never Die - brown smokeys
Angelic Boudoir - nudes, sands, bright blue, fuchsia
Black Is The New Black - black and grey smokeys
A nod to mod - bright blues and greens with some pinks
My favourite colours are the highlight sand from the black is the new black, it shows up really dark but naturally it is a good dupe for Mac Vanilla eyeshadow, the second from bottom on the 2nd row on the 4th colum, i also love the blush in that one
My fave blush is in the Classics Never Die and A Nod To Mod, light baby pink like Dame or Well Dressed by Mac and a bright pink like Dollymix
I love the black shimmer on Black Is the new black, its on the top of the 4th columm on the right but it isnt showing up! non of this palette is and it is proper black with green shimmer soo pretty, also on the left colum of this one there is a dupe of Mac Black Tied...
the colours are coming up so badly, i apologize and each section comes with 10 eyeshadows, 2 lip colours and one blush....
The colours are really pigmented and soooooo nice LUSM JJ

ok the explanation - Well my computer broke yesturday, mid post, and it is still not working. i think it died, i feel lost without it. BUT my sister has her boyfriend with us for this weekend so she let me use her computer......i probs will get a new one on Feb 5th MY BIRTHDAY, i want a Mac Book Prop 15'', i currently have a huge like 18'' toshiba laptop all these pics r with bad lighting on a MacBook and then on hahaha

so overall THANKYOU JEANETTE for your fabulous pressents, LUSM
and happy new year, tomoz im going to lush and kings road ill have a haul tomoz :D , NEW LUSH VALENTINES COLLECTION  Yay, ill try bloggin soon xxxxxx

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