Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy Belated New Years, First Blog Post 2011, My Life.........

Wow-oh-wowie, 11.47 pm monday night, no i shouldnt be in bed, actually i should but nah...actually i am IN bed just not sleeping hahaha........

Past few days i've been thinking, first blog post 2011, i want it to be perfect! i wanted to have something to write about it and have an aim for it so i decided to just settle...make it up on the spot, i hope u dont like perfect after all:


well today i went to wesfield......2pm to see Fleur, i met many people + INGRID (click fleur's link to see pictures of everyone at the meetup plus me and my sister, me photographing TERRIBLY, kinda odd usually photo well :(  ) and had a blast, i met the love Katie , with a youtube and a blog and many others!!!!  Ingrid was soo nice, and as usual Fleur was, it was sooo nice to see her again and im excited to see her in the future..LUSM

2010 has been very , how do u say it with that piece of ge-nest-ce-qua.........

UNEVENTFUL, yes there are the things like my father moved to South Africe, i saw him for the first time in a year in june.........Met fleur for the first time, started BLOGGING!!!!!!! and have gotten so much inspiration from the youtube beauty community!

My most inspiring would be:

Of couse Elle and Blair:
Sisters, elle older the blonde, blair brunette...

Of course Fleuur:

Julie, who yes does follow me, whom i love...

Jarmaine :) (JLOVESMAC21)


Dulce Candy:


those are my favourite and most inspiring but honastly i love em all.........check EM ALL OUT
i hope 2011 will bring me my own youtube for my acount TheBeautyBug2010

My l.ife is a whirlwind. being thrown to and throw , up and downall around and this is just to show:



Feb 5th, 12 bday



 June 12th



 Beginning of december
End of december

i couldnt find every month but u can kinda c how i changed, i went from being that awkward kid with random photos and clothing to a more grownup one who found out how to tke better photos and what type of makeup and clothing suits me, my fave photos r june 12th and decembers :D......btw that day in june i went to the Jack Wills Polo Match, this year went by sooooo fast i can remember like all of these days like it was 5 days ago, that was soooo last year.

this year, 2011, im looking for better grades, and focusing more on my blog :D XXXX 

happy holidays, school on thursday so might be cutting down on my posts. NAH probs wont, btw i finished this at 00:16 xxx HAPPY HOLIDAYS hope u had and have a good year


  1. Hey gorgeous :) have you got pictures of us on your camera or are they on fleurs'?

  2. there on fleurs sadly katie, i couldnt get any or they didnt save....:( follow xxx