Saturday, 25 September 2010

my favvvey sweetttys nd maybe comp

Hey everyone,
long time no right..well tody is a bit random went to Kings Rd, bout some snakies for l8ter then went home then now...well todays post is a choccy nd lashy post, then if u stay put till da end there might be a comp..these chocs and sweets r my fves in no order.

Lindt Rasberry - christmas special from debhenams
toffee crisp
hahaha Rubarb & custard
pinky - rareonly availble in new zeualand
milk chocolate lindt
laffy taffy sour flavours
kinder happy hippos
plain milk chocy m&m
blueberry bonbons

NOW FOR CONTST - ok i have10 followers :(, but this is the contest that wont end till i have uno hundred, 100, tell all ur friends bout my FABBY blog. nd make them follow....comment and tell me by the end of braggin all the names/usernames of my blogger readers and the one who gets the most wll win: all these, except pinky but ill try, and 1-3 sets of false lashes xxxxxxx

ttyl blogers, get me MORE followers and this will only work if u do it right :)

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