Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fall/Winter Wardrobe part one

well today im gonna start doing a winter/fall wardrobe thingy...there will probs be more then one of these cause ill forget stuff then be like I FORGOT shoooooooooot and do another...but its mainly about winter fashion, makeup nd trends.......probs the stuff will vary from stuff i own to my wishylist stuff and trends i like etc....if there is somethin u like tell me and ill mention it xxxx soo here it goes..

the trends i like are:
  • red or berry lips
  • camel
  • grey
  • ankle booties
  • military
  • big knit
  • hello sailor
  • peachy lips - for fair skins
for now thats it, i think and now lets get down to the bees nees dowwwwg...

this is probs a lipppy ill be supporting loads this yr, peacchy nudes...this is Mac's Her Fancy, which i gladly own, i once did a review on this ssaying i didnt like it cause it was to metallicay - i realized for one i had another lippy underneath and i put like 10 coats on....i actually really like this lip...

ok this is a bit odd, cause these pics are from a fellow blogger, StarVioletBeauty..well i love her blog and she is ce tres pretty and her 'look' is very in this season......well her dark hair clashin with a red lip is a big must for all u brunettes out not only is she sportin the red berry lip shes sportin camel with her big knit jumper from toppyshop (topshop).. I LOVE IT....

and this is her outfit, dark washed skinny jeans with the beautiful camel jumper I LOVE IT...
this is another lipp colour it is Desert by toppyshop..a nudey pink i like it:)

a more fally thing, a long jumpsuit..i really like this it is a beigy thingy with an elasticated bust and tight ending trousers, like herem pants..if i went to a festival i would so sport that, with maybe a chic headband ???...toppppppppppyshhop
I OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN THESE, i am now a proud owner of my first pair of ankle booties. £50 from Aldo, think there called Hisley booyt....i love them but there not waterproof so i have to take care...

I LOVE SUMMER RINGS in autumn, i think its so cute, as is this floral ring..toppyshop
another summer ring, pink and white daisies, so cute.....

ok i nearly bout this, from topshop - but didnt. i love it look at the ring above, then the trousers below SOOOO CUTE.......with satin inside-sooooooocutttttttttttttttttttttttttttte

i love dark blue skinny super soft denim, and wait what r those. it cannnnt be IT IS.. ITS A PAIR OF DARK-BLUE-SUPER-SKINNY-SUPER-SOFT PAIR OF JEANS :) :0000

a guily pleasure of mine, sadly they dont suit me :(..topshop

hehehehehee :/ i love it ...topshop

a summmmmmmmmmmmmmmmer ring givememeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..topshop

the first 2 are from the 'helllllo sailor thingy' well i bought one from topshop (spluurged - £85) and probs the nicest out of the 2 above...its a grey like the bottom one and has similar bottoms but has the added detail like in the top-ish but it also has blue on makin it look very designer and expencive I LOVE THEM..

i love this thik big knit cardi..wintery big BEAUTIFUL i love it,,, another topshop piece...

ok i was also , given as a prezzie, on holiday during the summer went to a Mango Outlet and my mum found this, ok not this exact one - this is from topshop, but similar..mines a very glamourous big black buttoned coat. similar to this I LOVE THESE

well i hoped u enjoyed
xxxxxxxxx cu soon

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