Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What I want from the Mac Venmous Villains Collection

i will be getting a cam around xmassy time :) and my blogs will imprrove....but this is a venemous villain collection out september 30th?.....

Evil Queen

The ones i want are the middle one and the right one...Vainglorius and Her Alter Image..

In order...Her Alter Image, Vainglorius and Vile Violet

WOWOWOW i want this...Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair.

Blush in Bite of An Apple

Lipglass's in Strnage Potion and Hot House

Lipstick in Toxic Tale

Left to right...Lipstick in sinister and Toxic Tale..Lipglass in Hot House, strange potion


nail laquer swatches in bad fairy, mean & green, formidable

right - nail laquer is formidable

nail laquer in Mean & green

Nail laquer in Bad Fairy

lipstick in violetta and dark reed

lipglass in revenge is sweet

lipstick in a Dark Reed, Violetta. and lipglass in revenge is sweet and wrong spell

beauty powder in briar rose


beauty powder in Her Own Devices

devilishly stylish and wicked ways

heartless and innocence, beware!

innocence, beware! heartless. devilishly stylish and wicked ways.


Magic cool powder in Truth & light

WELL THATS ALL PEOPLE..............what do u want?????????? from this collection..hows school goin? x

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