Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sporatic Blogging

I just wanted to give you lovely girls (and gents) an update of why I haven't been active properly for just under two weeks. I know I just came back from a break, but I came back from a blogging break to go straight into breaking up from school, onto study leave. My exams have officially begun and I'm managing to fit in this post between Biology revision and a Maths tutor, but my blog is still one of my priorities and in between exams and revision I definitely will be answering comments, emails, tweets, facebook messages (I think you get the idea, any social media site I'm active on) and I will try and upload during days when I have no exams. I started my exams last Thursday, Geography (Paper 1) and English Language out the way and now I only have 22 exams to go, 15 by the end of next week. Starting Tuesday I have nine exams within three days. 
Then I start summer on June 18th and then I am all yours.

Wish me luck,


  1. Hi beautiful,
    I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  2. Great, great post! Have a lovely day ;D


    ohh and I would love to follow you if you'd do the same for me ;)