Monday, 21 April 2014

Triangl Bikini: Santa Rosa Splash

Around a month ago Triangl sent me this amazing bikini, but as I have not been active on my blog I haven't had the chance to write about it. Quick apology to Triangl for this! Triangl were seriously a great team to work with, with such great customer service, and I was such a bad blogger in response! Triangl are an Australian brand but they ship internationally. I first heard about Triangl around this time last year from Australian instagrammers and seriously loved all their bikinis. All their bikinis are made from 100% neoprene with a 100% opaque look, you'll never have the issue of transparent bottoms again! Not only do they have an amazing swimwear range, they also have a super cute underwear range! 

I chose the Santa Rosa Splash bikini, $79 (US). It's a gorgeous baby blue colour, I had a hard choice deciding which one I wanted. They have amazing colours and range and you end up wanting to collect them all, I know I am definitely wanting the mint, white and coral/mesh! They have a great range of sizes and a really reliable size guide! I'm a 34DD and got a large in the top and a medium in the bottom and they fit like a glove. Literally a glove, the neoprene sticks to you for a super sexy and fun fit. Once you try a neoprene bikini I can guarantee you, you will never want anything else! Neoprene definitely clings to you, potentially even flattening you a bit, I can definitely tell you you will not appear to be 'popping out', if anything they can make your boobs appear small but I like it! It's super comfortable and definitely the most flattering bikini I own. All their super colours will look amazing on your beach holiday and will definitely make for some great photos, honestly no bikini looks as good as a Triangl bikini especially when it comes to photos! Each bikini also comes with a really cute matching beach bag, as you can see in the photo. The packaging is amazing and you can be reassured that their products will never come damaged and always will be at the best of their quality.
I seriously recommend these. If anyone has any questions or recommendations I'd love to hear them! 
Thank you Triangl for such an amazing piece! 
This post is sponsored, the bikini was sent to me, but all views are 100% my own as are the photos. 

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