Saturday, 29 September 2012

FallHaul: Topshop Jewels

Hey Raindrops,

How is the beginning of your week? Mines been work-filled. I was home from school on thursday afternoon and friday from being sick because i thought i had the sickness bug but it was wonderful to spend the afternoon watching tv snuggled up with my sister, whose now at uni and i miss very much :( and i spent friday, whilst she was at work, with her boyfriend whose like a brother and friend to me so it was fine, but now i'm much better but i think i'm coming down with a really bad cold, i won't stop sneezing *Achooo*, funny timing ey? And coughing but i hate colds so hopefully not, i hate coughing and sneezing? Sneeziphobic? 
But because of that i'm catching up with other people, and some times my friends demand i help them with work so i'm trying. Just today (including my Private Study times on my timetable) i did 2 english homeworks both over a page, two volcanic case studies, 3.5 pages of biology - something which will remain unfinished due to it's impossibility and one maths homework. And i managed to have time to write a letter to myself to read on Bonfire Night (November 5th).

I've heard about people writing letters to themselves as a way of therapy, write a letter for a week, month, birthday, event, years, decade time and see what has changed. It has also been featured in How I Met Your Mother, so imma see if it works..

But back to the point of this post, recently i've gotten loads from Topshop jewellery, i don't have the prices/links/names for them because most of them me and my sister share and split like sets in half but i thought i'd blog it anyways:

I first bought this ring. It is a rose gold triangle, its slightly too big for my hand but i love it. My watch is white and rose gold and compliments it beautifully and that statement and simplicity of it i love.

These are two separate earrings from separate sets and i love them. The gold one is a pointed (obviously) rusted gold earring, and the black one has a silver back with a studded pointy top.

Three pairs of really cute studs!

Love these triangle drop earrings (i call them my hipster chandelier earrings), i love the plain gold triangle at the top and the pleated-eque semi black painted ridges.

More studs hehe..Left is a gold pair with a green dot, back middle is a gold one with a wine dot (can't find other one :( ), right pair is a maroon pair.

Now here is where i store my excessive amounts of Topshop ear cuffs, on the edge of my mirror! I have no jewellery storage atm, and really need some...Any ideas?

I love this one, it has a plain gold cuff and chain. The piercing itself is a plain comfortable gold circular stud and it hangs on your ear really nicely. The actual dangly part it a turqouise teardrop with three gold leaves hanging. 

i absolutely adore this one. It's gold, with a hanging earring but the connector is so cute. It's a double stranded beaded gold chain, with these cream barrel shaped beads that have like aztec baroque imprints. The one thing i don't like about this one is how LONG it is, it has like a massive drooping connector but i still love it hmm. Sorry for the bad photo, it's too long to snap right

This is my sisters' favourites and probably mine too. It doesn't sell in cream anymore, only black. I got both my sisters, my sisters boyfriend and my sisters boyfriends sister one of these each in black (the whole boyfriend thing is too long to explain, it was a joke cause he has his ears pierced). It's really sparkly, with the bright god cuff and chain with the earring which is a white diamond sequin peace stud. I where this all the time. 

I got this after i saw my sister wearing one and i just fell in love. It's a six stranded cuff connector with rust, kahki and like a bronze colour. The stud and cuff are just plain gold. I think this is so cute to like grunge up an outfit with 

This was more of an impulse buy because it was on sale. It's really different and unique so i still like it. My favourite part is the cuff, which looks like it has like a lace patterned detail to it. THe cuff and chain are silver and the dangly earring thing is silver but the charm itself is a gold nearly rose gold triangle with gold sequins. It's hard to describe

This one is wayyy to pretty. It has a gold cuff and connector with a stud that has a bright turquoise gem in it and connects to another turquoise stone and two gold urmm thin gold things where one is longer than the other..Hard to explain but the picture says it all. It also came with another earring for the other ear which is just a turquoise stud and god pyramid thing. I love that because i never know what earring to where in the other ear and now it's like 2 4 1.

That's them all laid out...

Have you bought any jewellery recently? In a blog haul - link below! What do you think of these purchases? Any jewellery storage ideas? Keep commenting and following, it makes my day!


  1. super cute jewellery! I seriously love all of it, the ear cuffs are super cute, I have one ear cuff and I love it!

    -ariel* xoxo

    1. Hey Ariel,

      aww thanks <3
      ooo what does your ear cuff look like?

      Thanks for commenting
      Perdi @ WMRDX xxx

  2. lovely pieces! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  3. Ooh lots of lovely little bits I'd love to own. Following you, so hope you stop by :)

    1. thankyoouu <3
      of course i'll stop by, thanks for following!

      Perdi xx

  4. Gorgeous pieces. Love the look of those Triangle drop earrings xoxoxo

  5. Hi perdi! wish we had more Topshop stores in the US because they have such cute stuff that's not generic..the closest there is is H&M haha cute blog :)

    We're following you from GFC would love if you could follow back
    Pretty Squared -

    1. nyaww thanks for following, course ill follow back! yeah topshop jewels aren't as generic as other places luckily..

      thanks forr commenting <3 xx

  6. I'm sooo ridiculously addicted to topshop jewellery! Xx

  7. Great haul! Absolutely adore the spike stud earrings, straight on my lust list!!

    Jo xo