Friday, 24 August 2012

Fall Party Fashion with Missguided! Wishlist

Hey Raindrops,

Just been scrolling through online websites looking at fall fashion and i have so many wishlists coming up: Jeans, General, Missguided (this one) and might do a hollister one...Along with many posts being planned such as some pictures from my holiday in cyprus, hence my awol from my blog...But today i'm here with a Wish List for

I've always been a fan of missguided clothing, mainly due to their on trend styles and cheap prices. Their new collection is amazing though, perfect for the upcoming annual events: new years, christmas, thanks giving (americans), halloween, bonfire night and so many more. Not only is it coming up to my favourite time of year, but my favourite shopping time since Fall/Autumn is the best season for everything, especially fashion. Missguided features everything from cutouts to sequins to studs and colours. I have found three pieces i LOVE! 

Premium Sequin Peplum Top - £32.99
Ok no joke, how beautiful would this be for all the upcoming parties? With coloured disco pants/leggings/jeans and a pair of Jeffrey Cambells, maybe Sam Edelmans or maybe just a cute pair of wedges! I so need this! 

 Francille Premium Sequin Belted Playsuit - £35.99
Ok and this? Sequins are a big thing in my mind, just called me Perdi the Magpie, but this is beautiful! Both the above pieces come in gold as well but i don't think it would suit my skin as much but it could stand out, hmm i don't know. But i do need this. I need everything from missguided!

Caterin Cutout Bodycon Dress - £14.99
This is my last item i'm featuring, don't wanna go overboard but the detail on this dress is amazing. The whole cutout back is just so cute, and the black long sleeved bodycon is something i'm missing from my wardrobe. And for the price? Early christmas present to me!

new posts coming up soon!

Perdi @ WMRDX