Friday, 10 August 2012

Eye Candy: Douglas Booth

Hey Raindrops,

I just watched, well last night, the most incredible film featuring Miley Cyrus and the very hot Douglas Booth. The films called LOL and it's one of the best films i've seen in a while.

That's the cast of the movie just above, and the top picture is the movie poster. The cast features a bunch of famous people in it. Miley Cyrus as the lead: Lola, Ashley Green from Twilight, Demi Moore and a bunch of other great celebrities.

This film perfectly depicts teenagers and their life and i found that i was able to relate to the characters and realised most people would be able to relate to them. Not only does the film show their day-to-day life at school with all the nerds, post-its, cool kids, hot girls and everything. But it also shows their family life which i found someone could find a relation with somewhere. They show around 4 families in the whole movie. One being Kyle's (Douglas Booth) and his father was very dominant. Kyle is amazing at music and his guitar is his favourite possession but his dad doesn't care about his music if he is getting bad grades to the point of smashing up his guitar. Lola's best friend is called Emily, and she's really smart but all her mum cares about is her being conservative and getting into a good college more than her actual feelings. But the family i found the most diverse was Kathy's, Lola's other friend, where her mum didn't care about how smart she was or could be as long as she is pretty and could marry someone rich. The film was dedicated to showing people the relationships between friends and their families. They show every part of how teenagers act and what they do.

But this post isn't a movie review, but i would give it 5 stars, it's about the everpresent sexy Douglas Booth.

Not just good looks, girls, he can also sing and play the trumpet! He was born in 1992 in London.
Yeah, so i find him really hot.
What do you think? Any other hot celebrities: girls or guys, would you want a small feature on, on my blog? Seen any good movies recently? Comment down below!

Perdi @ WMRDX


  1. Haha love that you wrote about this, Ive been meaning to watch it but havent been able to psyche myself up enough to watch a film called LOL! However with those pictures of Boothy that you put up I think I may just be excited enough now haha, thanksss!

    1. heehe thank you, u need to be really psyched to watch it otherwise wait till you are, that is what i did cause it is wayyy better then i expectected! watch it and comment again!!!! xxxxxx

  2. Douglas!! Jhbjbuybuy <3
    Your name is so cute aww I love it & your blog ! Keep blogging x

    1. ahaha i know douglas is sooo yummy, aww thanks! i will keep blogging for as long as possible <3
      perdi @ wmrdx