Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Summer WishList

Hey Raindrops,

Ik, long time no see/post/etc..i've been sidetracked a hellofa lot this month! I've had my tests this week to see if i'm being offered Triple Science GCSE, i hope so - if i don't i'll do history but i want X3 Science soo bad, i find out soon :/ ahh nervous...I found two of my percentages out: Chemistry = 75% and Biology = 70%, i was hoping for higher but i'm still proud! And i've had to do revision for those, but i have been tumblr-ing a lot! Ik, my blogspot is still my main priority - 100% but my tumblr has been so easy to keep up to date with so check that out:

:D i hope you like it :D and yeah thats been a huge priority this month (sorry bloggers, i'm trying to get back on track) and now i'm about to be on Easter, imma work on this blog a lot more! I've also been having family problems and stuff but hopefully soon everything will be better! 

Today i'm doing kind of like a collective summer wish list, so basics just a bunch of pics thrown into a post! :D 

A lot of summer/bright colours in there, along with a lot of printed writing! I love these trends for the upcoming season, yaknow the bold colours, not really colour 'blocking' more like colour MATCHING. but yeah bolds <3 LOVE! 
Variation: Forever 21, Tumblr, Vans

I should do another post tomorrow as well of an OOTD of my endofterm outfits!


Perdi @ WMRDX


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