Sunday, 11 March 2012

Small Topshop Haul

Ciao Raindrops,

i just did a competition for school in greek and my team lost....WE CAME SECOND.. :D....................out of 2 :( 

But last friday  i went to Topshop and bought a three things, the collection for summer is amazing and theres sooo much more im going to pick up! There bikinis and shorts this year are amazing and there teeshirts! waheeeey are brilliant! 

The things i picked up:

WHIZZKID Clean Velcro Wedge - £45
These are realllllly love and hate, i kinda love em.......Yes, they make me 6'' at the age of 14 but who gives a :O...I saw them when i was walking round the main clothes floor of topshop and they placed them all around and subliminally messaged me to go down and get i did :D

ok recently i have been obsessed with tumblr, mine is, and everyone knows tumblr is like famous for its 'Stargazer Print', yaknow the patchy pink purply sky print well when i saw this in topshop, by a brand called Workshop, The Pregasus Crop Tee, priced at only £22 saved my life! I love it, its not properly cropped on me, it goes up to like my hip but i dontt mind at all i loveee it! Also its soo cute with like athletic shorts!

MOTO Sequin Front Hotpants - £35
mi gusta.
'nuff said? 
i love these shorts soooo much! Im going to an lmfao inspired rave in 
April and i might wear these badboys! mmm love 'em, i just dont know what top to wear them with? what do you think?

What do u think of the shoes? marmite - love or hate? The shorts, wtf do i wear them with haahaha? 

Till next time,
Perdi @ WMRDX 

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