Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Guest Post - Wish list

Hi Everyone!
So as you might've guessed by the title, I am not Perdi. Her computer is currently broken so she asked me to do some guest posts on here. I'm Jeanette by the way:)

Anyway, so I've been thinking of what I should post about and then noticed that Perdi does quite a few wish lists so I decided to do one! There's also a Autumn/Winter Trends post coming up hopefully soon!

 Let's Start!

(this is going to be a small make up wish list)

Basically, Cargo has been a brand that I've recently been falling in love with! It's available in larger 'Boots' drugstores and Sephoras.
"Essential Palette" 

"Blu_ray" Blush/Highlighter 

Tinted Moisturiser 

NARS, has always been my absolute favorite make up brand. So I can't just not include this:) 

Trio Shadow in "Delphes" 

Bronzer Multiple in "Cap Vert" 

Cheek & Lip Stain "Yumberry Crush"

Smudge Stick Eyeliner "Lionfish" 

Thank you! 
Byeee! x 


  1. That cheek and lip stain looks cute! and i was checking out some of your previous blogposts, arn't lush products the best?!

    cara at

  2. Hi Holly and Cara, well cara...sorry to not see your comment sooner! I feel like a terrible blogger but oh well....I am about to check out ur blog ...Lush products are the best aren't they! I love them, which ones your fave...I know, that stain is stunning - That's why i like Jeanette, my good friend from school who wrote this and was looking after my blog for a bit and she does make good choices doesn't shee....you should check her out at @vanilladreamsblush.blogspot.com

    Perdi @ watermelonraindropx.blogspot.com
    <3 i love comments like yours