Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lush Haul! And a sneak peak

Hola Lushies et Amigos,

Today's post is a long awaited Lush haul, i bought these products last week/2 weeks ago and i took pictures of them straight away so i have used a few of the products but lets get straight into it...

Yes girlies! It's back and permanent. From the Limited Edition valentines day collection is now brought back due to high demand and i picked up the smallest bottle for £3.95 i think and it is It's Raining Men shower gel. Ok it smells like honey and jasmine and in the bottle, yes, it is sickly but on the skin it is subtle and sweet and beautiful...After using a hair mask such as Aussie's 3 Minute Reconstructer, i put this on just before i was it off and it leaves my hair smelling beautiful! I love it!!! 

Starting off with saying since i am a big fan of lush the White City lush store in westfield know me there and give me some testers when wanted and i got a small pot of Herbalism cleanser to try out. Ok i love this! It clears spots, shrinks pores, evens skin tone, cleanses duh, and is just beautiful doesn't smell great nor terrible just herby and green but i can stand it. Will deffs be buying full size soon. 
 Oopsies sideways picture, silly me...But just a small bottle of Lush's grapefruit smelling Happy Hippy shower gel. I like using this with Up You Get emotibomb lets say i was having an early morning shower, it really wakes you up with all the citrus smellingness. Only around £4 its perfect for the mornings and they do last ages! 
 Brazened Honey face mask, my first BH. It is Lush's deepest cleaning cleanser and is meant for all skin types. It brightens, cleanses, exfoliates, beautifys, clears and makes skin happy! £5.50 - have u noticed lush fm have increased in price, it used to be £4.95 but oh well i still purchase! I love it! Makes my skin baby smooth and just a nice product to use.
 I actually own like 3 of these but they're usually gifts such as this one which was from a friend so it wasn't actually bought by me so i don't know the price but i do like it. It is a sweet smelling cherry, coconut and something purple scent. i've never tried Sweetie Pie but it smells sooo good! And it contains glitter- double yayness! 

 Bought to make the 'Mermaid's Tale' cocktail along with Sunnyside Bubble Bar...containing  a blue and white bath bomb filled with natural sea weed to moisturise. i think this was £2.49 for the Big Blue bath bomb which smells great and fresh and a review coming up on the 'Mermaid's Tale' probably 6th of September very soon..

One word. Glitter.
ok the Sunnyside Bubble Bar is an amazing bubble bar coated in Gold glitter, COATED, it doesn't stick to your skin though so it leaves the delight for the bath. Crumble it under running water and watch the delight of glitter form in your bath, mix it with the Big Blue, shown above for a perfect 'Mermaids Tale' combination of a greeny blue with gold glitter. Estimated around £2....

One of my well known favourites. This Ribenna scented body buffer scent from Goddess is one of my favourites. You Snap The Whip is £4.95 and you can use it in around 3-7 baths but i have previously used it in 2...cheeky me :). I use this in the shower so it'll last longer and this berry concoction smells great on the skin, but b careful though use to much of it in the bath and prepare for a black bath once you step out, just rinse it through and you'll be fine. 

Ok you prepared?
 Now what could be in here? Chloe, a lush staff favourite of mine, gave me and my friend a lovely little treat. But whatever could it be? Smells like apples and fireworks, with a shape of a snowman head. Yes it was limited edition from 2010 xmas collection. A BOOG BATH BOMB! Apparently Lush HQ sent them a few products from heaven and Chloe realised theres not much she can do with them and gave them to me! Yay
just a quick look at my lush draw, the little newspaper thing in the left corner at the top is a half used Up You gets emotibomb and on the top right is two empty black pots..

Ok now for the sneak peak, i'm planning 2! giveaways. A winter/fall themed one i shall call Winter Spice or Late Season spices or Watermelon Raindrop Xmas giveaway cause like watermelons are red/pink and green just like xmas colours, something like that and it will be all wintery and fally themed, spice scented things like Pied De Pepper lush foot lotion might appear - favourite of mine and other lush products from the up and coming xmas collection, which i heard a bit about but i'm sorry it is top secret- AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT i shall tell you all about it, or when i'm given the thumbs up that i can say a bit more. Also some halloween products might be in there. But expect some fall/winter season nail polishes, makeup and a few other bits and bobs. But for my 2nd one i'm planning to do soon...very soon and be quite a bit smaller, i am hoping to do it for 50,000 hits and 200 follower mark giveaway but don't know what to put in it! I might include your favourite Lush soap or bath bomb which you could comment and say which one you want. Or a pink theme! i might do it as like all pink products! Lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, lush products, hmm what do you think?

A random but lovely small giveaway? Or a colour themed, what colours would you suggest? Do you want to enter WatermelonRaindropXmas giveaway or WMRD-XMAS giveaway? what names should i chose! HELP ME! 

I repeat, 
Love you all! 
Perdi @ WMRDX
ttyl xoxo

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