Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Where is my hot chocolate?

mmmmmm hot chocolate, wait just worked out i havent even started making it, lil'sweeties.... well i thought i'd do a sum up of what is coming up for me: wel.......i broke up on school this recent fri and now have 2 weeks off to chill with my bloggers,
well over the weekend i saw some of my friends for a bday sleepova, 4 one of my friendies...and we went in a limo round london then we went to The Rotisserie (?) and i ate ribs and chips..........then on monday i blogged, and yesturday i was meant to be meeting a 'friend' in westfield but on the way there she cancelled...but i went anyway, and today:

i just came back from seeing Social Networking, the fb was amaaaaaaaaaaazing...and it is ice cold out, i wore uggies and a furry jacket and still think i have frostbite...AHHHHHHHHH and i am buying me and my sister a maccyD l8ter (mcdonalds) cause comfort food is always needed!
and then making myself an Options Carribean Hot Chocolate, this is my favey flavour (along with Turkish Delight but i think Chocolate Cherry will be a fave) cause if u add big marshmellows and let them melt there is a layer of marshmellw 'fluff' might be the word.......its nice

tomoz im going back to westfield with a fwendie and fam and gonna buy loads of lush probs...or should i save up for a lipsy dress?????? or some toppy jumpers? or MAKEUP? hmmmm...

umm dunno about the rest of the week..wat r u all doing bbz????? comment, i love all your ocmments and if u give me links to ur blogs ill deffs check them out and probs follow, please follow me if u read this...i promise i dont bite

well xxxxxxx for now

ooo and also Pink Fairy Bun ( is doing a giveaway, to get ideas for fundraising, just ocmment some creative charity ideas and tadaaaah u entered.

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