Monday, 18 October 2010

Half Term Hello

helllllo ma little cupcakes,

im back from heaven (heheehe fallen angel) with my computer, and im on half term (good thing heaven kicked me out), so lets see my to-do list:

computer - check
blogin - doing it
skype - oui
watch youtube - oui
homework - oooooooooo sheeep, forgot bout that.....i got 2 weeks to do it..DONT PROCRASTINATE

ok so first i wanna talk about my fwendie cupcake ok her name isnt cupcake but it is Jeanette...

she a) has a blog called : which i love and follow and she really wants more followers and she is gonna start doing more frequent posts :)
b) has a fantastic remix youtube acount :
folllow her .subscribe to her, make her happy... OK JJ THERE IS YOUR SHOUTOUT (i know she i reading this)....

ok now to the funner stuff, i found this of jeanettes blog and decided to do it, a bit like a taggin thing and i worked out u might know what i like but not about me so instead of doing i have blah blah blah this seems to look good :

  1. Are you happy - oui
  2. Are you bored – obvs
  3. Are you naked - how did you know? jks of course not.
  4. Are you a blonde - oui, as to my question before,dirty blonde (haha get it)
  5. Are you moody - eh....
  6. Are you a lover/hater - oui, lover
  7. Are you hot/cold - im hot'n' then cold
  8. Are you Irish - No?
  9. Are you Asian - still no
  1. Name – Perdita/ S****** (pronounced Per-dee-tah not per-di-tah)
  2. Middle-name - i don't have one...
  3. Freckles - yes but didlike them
  4. Hair color – well as i said before BLONDE, dirty blonde
  5. Natural hair color - au natural - dirty blonde
  6. Eye color - rainbow.
  7. Height - 5'6 (i tink)
  8. Mood - bored
  9. Favorite color – i jadore gold, pink, blue, purple, white, champagne, beige
  10. One Place You Want to Visit - ibiza or monaco or new york (i love it there but ive always wanted to c LA)
  1. Do you believe in love at first sight - yes.
  2. Do you believe in soul mates - maybe.
  3. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - yep
  4. Have you ever broke someone’s heart? - no
  5. Ever had your heart broken? - yes but not in a boyf way
  6. Have you ever liked someone but never told them? - yes
  7. Are you afraid of commitment ? - erm.
  8. Who was the last person you hugged ? - my eldest sister
  9. Who was the last person you said I love you to? - my eldest sister (she just came back from a trip)
  1. Love or lust – love
  2. Cats or dogs – Doggies
  3. A few best friends or many regular friends - regular friends (bezzies come and go, good friends stay)
  4. Television or internet - Internet
  5. Chinese Or Indian - chinese
  6. Wild night out or romantic night in – wild night in (HOUSE PARTTTTTTAY
  7. Money or Happiness - Happiness is the key to love
  8. Night or day - Day
  9. MSN or phone - skype
  1. Been caught sneaking out – no
  2. Been skinny dipping - No
  3. Bungee jumped – no
  4. Finished an entire jaw breaker – oui
  5. Lied to someone you liked – yes...
  6. Wanted an ex boyfriend/girlfriend back – not rlly.
  7. Cried yourself to sleep ? - yeah
  8. Cried because you lost a pet – yes.
  9. Wanted to disappear - oui
  1. Smile or eyes - smile oooo eyes no both
  2. Light or dark hair – both? jks either
  3. Hugs or kisses - Hugsss
  4. Shorter or taller – Taller!!! but im quite tall but tall is hot
  5. Intelligence or attraction – both
  6. Romantic or spontaneous - romantically spontaneus
  7. Funny or serious - Funny
  8. Older or Younger - Older
  9. Outgoing or quiet - outgoing
  10. 10. Sweet or Bad Ass – Sweet
  1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd - Yep
  2. Ever consumed alcohol? - miniscule amount
  3. Ever been on a cheerleading team – yes
  4. Ever Been on a dance team - LOL, “dance team”? Dance crew? Nahhhh.
  5. Ever been on a sports team - u should see me play, im terrible. but improving.
  6. Ever been in a drama play/production - yeah)
  7. Ever kissed the same sex - Not on the lips, hahaha:))
  8. Ever been in a rap video? - yeah, i think
  1. Last phone call you made – a friend
  2. Last person you hung out with - friends
  3. Last time you worked – Does school count as work? Then today. If not, this summer.
  4. Last person you tackled – oooo a girl in my class during rugby
  5. Last person you IM’d - not on msn but i skyped jeanette this mornin
  6. Last person(s) you went to the movies with - family to see eat love pray but weds i might be seeing the new fb movie
  7. Last thing you ate - soup
  1. Sleep beside you? - ma petite teddy bear, but the night before i had loads of friends
  2. See you cry ? – friends
  3. You went out to dinner with? - friends
  4. You were on skype to? - jeanette (i hope when she wrote bestie she meant me)
  5. Made you laugh? - jeanette
  1. Pierce your nose or tongue? - neitherrr
  2. Be serious or be funny? - Funnyyy - duh i am
  3. Drink whole or skim milk? - i think skim milk
  4. Spend time with your parents or enemies? - Parents
  1. Simple or complicated ? - Complicated...
  2. Retarded? - of course......NOT
  1. Flowers or candy? - from a boy = both
  2. Gray or black? - Black
  3. Colour or Black and white photos? - if there of me either
  4. Sunrise or sunset? - SUNSETTT
  5. Staying up late or waking up early? -staying up late:)
  1. Do you like anyone? - yes
  2. Do they know it? - probably
  3. Nervous Habits? - nervous laugh, awkward animals etc....
  4. Are you double jointed? - No?
  5. Can you twist your tongue around and roll it ? - ish
  6. Can you raise one eyebrow? - -ish
  7. Can you cross your eyes ? - YEs
  8. Do you make your bed daily? - i wish, actually my mum wishes QUESTIONS
  1. Which shoe goes on first? - either?
  2. On average, how much money do you carry with you? - £10
  3. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? - either
  4. Have you ever eaten Spam? - noo
  5. Favorite ice cream? - COOKIE DOUGH
  6. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet? - dunno i love them/
  7. What’s your favorite beverage? - fanta or cherry cola or cherryade or coke float (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
  8. Do you cook? - i love it
  1. Last Alcoholic Drink - ooo on hols, a tiny bit
  2. Last Car ride - yesturday
  3. Last Movie Seen - eat love pray
  4. Last Song Played - Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are.

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gonna start some homework lol xxxxxxx science on specific heat capasity

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