Saturday, 4 September 2010

IM BACK..and spreading good news - MAC HAUL

hello, long time no missed everyone of u and was overjoyed when i saw i have one more follower, yasmin, i do follow her and shes very good.......hey YASMIN, im talkin 2 u, give me a shout out im given u one... :)........and this is too allllll of u, tell ur friends bout my blog, im trying to get as many followers as possible b4 scl starts on wednesday i think....well anyway i recenetly was given a prezzie..i knew what it was but i didnt know what was in was gonna be a MAC bundle, it wasnt sent from a company or anything it was sent from a relative.....and this is what is in it!:

I'll start off with the brushes....i got 2, and this is the first one, it is the 194 , used for concealor or small foundation areas such as around the nostril (the outside bit at the edge of the nose) or under eye..its really cool and i like it but yet to be used...

the second amazing brush i got was the 129SH, ok it is the short handle brush, not prefered but still its a MAC and my sisters have had debates over should we buy the 116 or 129 thinkin the 129 is to big, i think its just when we got this the first thing i said was......beat that suckers, hahahahahaa...seriously, i love this blush brush

onto to da lippies, i only got one lipgloss/ underage..I LOVE it, its like a peachy nudey (hehehe) pinky colour which is gorgeous and i use it with a lippy below..guess cause ur gonna find out l8ter hahaha

Out of the 3 lippys i got this might be my least favey :(, but its still beautiful but mine has like a sprial on it, like engraved in the side is a small spiral :?......its a metallic peach which since i have quite dark pink lips doesnt look that amazing colour i was hoping for but i like it i forgot its name...Her Fancy, i love the name and like the colour, i do reccomend if u have slightly darker skins for a peachy neautral.......Her Fancy is a pretty colour but doesnt i think suite me 100% but im gonna keep it and probs use it anyways...

Im probs most happiest with this one, ive been longing for it for months just never bought is..SYRUP, ok i didnt orignally get this, all me and my sisters got the same packages but with diff lippies but same brushes and lipglass......and a lippy i got was Politely Pink, not here right? and my non-bloggin sis was like 'PERDI u wanted syrup right, HAHA i got it'..serves me right for braggin bout the brush..i was beggin to have it and she kinda wanted Politely Pink so we traded..and i got Syrup nd i love LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE it, its a mauvey pinky neautraly colour and is now my fave lippy on my lips and i love LOVE it with a bit of underage rockin on top of it, odd i know purple/peach but it turns beeaaaautiful..I LOVE SYRUP

The last thing i got is this lipstick....woah its green i know, the mac righting on the box is green irrediscant and inside the box is the same and so is the silver.....hmm its limited edition :o from the abroad Lure Collection..this is Stroke of Lust, a pink shimmery slightly bright colour i love it.....its a lustre so is syrup and her fancy is a glaze but its soooo nice......I LOVE IT

i also got the foundation sponges but u know what those look like right? well anyways im back with a slight tannnnn and happpy with some mac xxxxxxxxxx


  1. OMG Perdiii i need MAC stuff! u are freaking luckyyy x

  2. it was a prezzie i own quite a bit, 3 eyeshadows 2 brushes 2 lippglass's and 3 lippies.....