Thursday, 26 August 2010

Barry M Haul n small review

Hey everyone,
long time no see, ive not done a post in a while because seeing the sight of my messed up blog was bringin me down..but now im accepting it :'( this is my lil' barry m haul and review....

now time for ma review - BarryM is one of my fave nail brands, pricing it at only £, colourful, crazy and cool. the nail polish lasts quite well and are really pretty and deffs non streaky...i also love the dazzle dusts there so colourful, last well and really good..there particles are not to gritty or to big, perfect size...i love barry m everything lasts well, is beeautiful, and ce tres affordable.. and there lippies are amazing but not moisturising :( but I LOVE there lip wands, they smell n taste great especially Toffee..i love it and i also LOVE the eye kohls there so colourful and last well.......I LOVE BARRYM AND FULLY RECOMMEND IT TO ONE AND ALL.

haul -
Lip Wand - Pastel Pink (no.4), a bright pale baby pink....a bit to light for me

Lip Wand - Toffee (no.2), neutral browny pink and tastes AMAZING
(i love it, a gd dupe is MAC Just Superb Cremesheen)

Lipstick - Baby Pink (no. 100), a light barbie pink, might be a bit to light but i neutral it up a bit.

305, Pink Flamingo - Coraly Pink, shines diff colours in diff lights, beeautiful

279, Bright Pink - Bright barbie pink

306, Blueberry Ice Cream- bright icey blue...i love it

308, Berry Ice Cream - bright n light berry purple

119, Baby Pink - light balerina pink

309, Strawberry Ice Cream - a lighter version of a barbie pink but was nicer and brighter then /\

272, Shocking Pink - a shocking electric pink, one of my faves way brighter n lighter in person..very summery

303, Bright Purple - awesome for fall, the name says it all x
NAIL POLISH SMALL STATEMENT - 'non-streaking bright craazy and cool colours, lasts long, around a fave is there limited edition one but i couldnt find a pic of haas a gold lid, that lasted 2 weeks for some reason...i do not recomend there top coat but for barrym's like these i recomends matte rimmel topcoat, suggested to me by Fleur De Force...

hope u like this review n haul, tell me if u want more and of what companies .xxxx

ok time for bad news , for u i hope, tommorrow i am going on a IBIZA..sun sea n sand, the perfect going on a trip with my sisters and my mum, for only a week...then i come back nd i have 5 days till is start year 8, yayy...ill if possible do a back to scl stationary and fashion haul, but i lost my digital cam and my phone, and my comp cam broke ill c ....
BON VOYAGE, perdi xxx

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