Friday, 30 July 2010

Westfield - L.A Colours, MAC, The Wanted

Yesterday I went to Westfield (shopping centre), i bought six things, and the band The Wanted were performing. If you wanna find out more read below \/

First I went to Beauty Base, where my sister told me about L.A Color's 99p nail polishes - HOW AMAZING. I went and found them, i was stuck for choice. I ended up buying 5!, even though i wanted more. From left - Summertime, Plum Frost, (the sticker came off but it's number) 31, Pink Satin and Tropical Breeze

Plum Frost is a beautiful colour, it's one of my faves out. It is a shimmer finish and is a dark pink/berry colour. It is a bit sheer and might need an extra layer but i love it. Remember hard work pays off, and once it is on the nail polish does it's work for you, so you have one week of beauty, 5 extra mins of hard work.

Oh Summertime, how gorgeous you are. This colour is a proper barbie baby pink. It is a BEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL colour. It's a creme finish (my fave) and is quite bright and it is also a bit more solid than Plum Frost..... ILOVE IT, my new babay girl!

Ok, this is where it shows that my camera is c**p/rubbish. Tropical Breeze is a beautiful summery colour but i think i would ware it most in autumn. (I think strong/slightly bright colours look better than dark nd dreary ones in the colder months! TRY AND STAND OUT A BIT PPOLE). It is probs another creme finish and would only need 2 coats maximum! It is on verge of being indigo and is a very noticeable colour but if ur in the mood for a more blue colour go for Fun in The Sun, very similar but more indigo!

Oh Pink Satin, only if you were less sheer. Pink Satin is a shimmery sheer finish. It is a gorgeous colour but probs needs at least 2 coats, but i love it anyway. It has blue undertones, and has a twin polish. I was torn between the two. The other-one was even more sheer though and i had never had a pink colour with blue undertones and the other-one didn't so i chose this one! It is so pweeeety and is a very light shimmery baby pink.

Ok, I can explain, my camera wouldn't pick up the glitter in it from the usual angle i used on the others so i held it close. The number for this colour is 31, i lost the sticker on the bottom so i do not have the name (oopsies), if u know please tell me in the comments below \/. This colour is mainly silver with rainbow iridescent undertones. I think this will look gorgeous on top of Tropical Breeze! What do you think?

These nail polishes are gorgeous and all have added built in hardeners, and they dry quickly! WHAT PLUSSES. Next time i'm gonna buy some of there greens and blues, and if they are in stock, Goddess - it is a beautiful gold with rainbow sequins in. - maybe not. But i want some icy greens. I fully recommend these 5 colours, which ones do u recommend?
OMG, i told u in my first proper post i am gettin Satin Taupe, and guess what. I did. I LOVE IT. it is bbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful.....each time i see it my stomach goes bbeeeeeeeeees in my stomach bzzzz (get it BEEEEEAUTIFUL? lol) is a gorgeous icy velvet brown with bronzey undertones, beeeeeautiful crease colour. I LOVE LOVE
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.....i think this shadow goes with Summertime, they match. My two beeautiful babays. xxxx I LOVE, now which one to get next? hahahahaha

OOOOOOOOO, the most exciting news is, the band The Wanted were performing. the band that sings All Time Low...ok i know most people might get disappointed that i saw them and u didnt because there all good lookin, i dont think they're that amazing in there looks. but i love the band, i got pics on my phone which doesnt connect to my computer :'(...they were so good, so many people were watching and it was ALL FREEEEEEEE..its was amazing....if u went wat do u think, or whos ur fave person in the band? x

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