Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Introducing 'Beguiled' to my Topshop Lipstick Collection

Back in July I did a post on my Topshop Lipstick Collection (linked), but I've bought a few more since and my most recent purchase was the lovely Beguiled.

Topshop describe it to have a satin-matte finish, and it's definitely moisturising. It is my perfect autumn colour, and i'll definitely be wearing all fall. I would say it's a perfect burgundy, but it definitely has some pink  rosy undertones in it. It does not come out as dark as it appears, slightly disappointing, but the colour is still lovely and I can't wait to wear it to some London Fashion Week shows. I've already bumped it straight up to one of my favourites in my Topshop lippy collection!

What are your autumn/winter choices? Tell me in the comments, or link me a post if you have one!  


  1. I have never tried any of the lipsticks by topshop but seeing they are such a hit with you (even if they colour payouff isn't what you were expecting) I may give these a go! :)


    1. I love them ! The colour was lighter than I expected but I knew that when I swatched it, i just presumed it'd come out darker on my lips! I really recommend them xox