Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: The Body Shop via Talented Talkers

I was recently contacted by Talented Talkers - a blogger engagement community, who wanted me to work with a new beauty client of theirs. After some small talk I received my lovely package from The Body Shop.
I was sent three summer eyeshadows and a lovely cocoa oil. 
I love the Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil. It can be used for the body, face and hair for just about every reason! I hate the feeling of oil on my skin, so I only use it on my hair and honestly a little goes a long way. After I shower I squeeze a few drops of this onto my hands and run it through the 'mane' (not the crown) of my hair. After that I brush through my hair, and using a blowdryer does improve the outcome. It makes my hair feel softer, fluffier and a lot more lustrous after only one use. I also really love the scent, at first I couldn't smell anything in the bottle but as soon as it touched my hair I fell in love with the seductive cocoa aroma. When i'm on holiday I'll put up with the oily (which isn't too bad on this product) feeling on my body whilst I sunbathe so I can smell delicious whilst improving my tan. I read through the reviews on this product and for £9 for 100ml, it is definitely worth it. I do wish it had a spray pump to reduce the likeliness of getting the bottle greasy.

I received three eyeshadows in the colours:
001 - Sugar Gaze
510 - Something Blue
501 - Head In The Sky
I love 'Sugar Gaze'. It's a pearlescent ivory with silver glitter thrown through it. I think it'd be a fab inner corner colour. 'Something Blue' is another pearlescent colour, but it's more of a jade/teal than a blue. I love using this as a pop of colour just under my lower lash-line. It has some silver reflects and if it's meant to be blue - a lot of green undertones. It reminds me of a mermaid's tail. Both these colours have great colour pay-off. 'Head In The Sky' is my trickiest to wear. It's a matte sky blue with some lilac undertones. It comes out very chalky and you really have to pack it on. The only time I would use this would be for costume makeup. It's a pretty colour but can look very pasty on the eyes. 

I really want to thank The Body Shop and Talented Talkers for sending me these products and getting in contact with me. Check out their twitter and facebook.


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  2. Love the eyeshadows, so pretty! :)

    xo, Inês

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