Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Summer Shoe: Havaianas

I'm away on the 20th, off to Israel I go - so i'm spending the day writing and scheduling blog posts, responding to blog-related emails and interviews and taking a few photos. I'm away till the 28th, so I might not be as active as usual: twitter, email, facebook etc; but as soon as i'm back my summer schedule will be back on track.
I've had a favourite pair of summer shoes for (estimated) three years now, my trusty Havaianas. Do not get me wrong, I wear other shoes too, but these I find go with everything and are perfect for holidays. I first designed and chose this combination four years ago and rarely wore them unless when I was away, but they broke in my suitcase coming back on one holiday. So a few months later, when I next needed them, I repurchased and fell in love. I usually have a studded 'P' on the edge of the left shoe, but on my most recent pair they ran out of my letter and i'm not the type of girl to have an animal, star or flag stuck to my shoe. I prefer them with the letter, as I always identify them easily, as can anyone else but none the less, I still love them.
I bought them from Selfridges London (as i've always done), where you can customise your own design. I thought the brown base would be a lot softer on my fair skin and go with a lot more summer clothes. I found it hard to chose the strap, debating between the white, gold, shimmery lilac and a few others but this pearlescent pink strap stuck out to me, and i've never regretted it.

They are super high quality and you will never regret them. There is so many to chose from, whether you customise them yourself and or chose a pre-made pair. My favourite part about them is how quick they are to make, chose your colours and get the size write and tadah - your perfect pair of flip-flops. They're really comfortable and can dress down any outfit. I also like how they are (nearly) invincible, i've only broken two of my pairs. One broke by being squashed in a suitcase at a weird angle and the strep broke, the other I had worn down so much that my toes were nearly on ground level. I bought these for, relatively cheap, £30. Other places do flip-flops for £1, for example Primark. For cheap, one-use, only shoes obviously go to a cheaper shop, but I live in flip-flops during the summer, and so I invest. 

What's your favourite combination? Where do you get yours from? Leave a comment below,


  1. I'm more of a gladiator sandals girl, but when I do wear flip flops they are black Kenneth Cole ones!


    1. Ooo i do love gladiator sandals, I have a few pairs myself. Oo they sound so cute! I love Kenneth Cole xox