Monday, 24 December 2012

It's been a while, but i've been a bit busy on my christmas holidays, between going to concerts and seeing friends blogging hasn't been my top priority! Totally bad right, i know. Back now and i'm just wishing you all a merry christmas.

This year has been amazing, and i'm so grateful for every single one of you who have followed, read, commented, tweeted, entered contests and been generally lovely to me on my blog. This year so much as happened with my blog and i'm ever so grateful and it is all your faults! Thank you. I hope you have a great year.

This year i've done so much. I've been on adventures in London (where i live), holidays with friends (who remembers my Ayia Napa post?) and so much more. This year has been one of my favourite years and no matter what bad things have happened - 2012 will always be memorable.

Here are some of my memorable moments:

These might look weird, but they're the first pictures I ever put up of myself on tumblr, and ever since i've been tumblr obsessed.

Cher Lloyd Concert
In february I was treated to tickets to Cher Lloyd at the Indig02 and she was incredible live. I was front row and such a good experience.

Tumblr Photos:
This was the first time i'd ever taken photos made to go on tumblr and it was crazy the response I got from this photo. Taken in Selfridges, London in the food hall. Ahh all the food looks so cute and yummy. The one on the right is a few weeks later, using a Lip Tattoo. This also got quite a stir on tumblr and I thought i should feature it as i've not seen many pictures like it. BTW it might be a photo on my own, but I was with someone else.

Spring: Friend 1 & My Dumbslut:
This year i've made so many 'new friends' (friends who i've not been as friendly with before) and Friend 1 is someone who i'm now quite close to. She's utterly hilarious and says the funniest things. This was taken before a sports lesson one day, so it's not a great picture but I thought it was quite funny to put up. If you want to here more from us check out: - our parody twitter account.

Spring: Tanning in the school's courtyard
This was in March, and four of us, including Friend 1 (2nd from the right) and me (last on the right), when it reached 28 degrees. Our school has a courtyard and Friend 1 left her lesson 5 minutes early to reserve us the best seats to tan on. I actually got burnt.

Antigone Play
In the summer term I had to go on a school trip to see the play Antigone. It was amazing and I got to go with my two closest friends, Best Friend and Amazing Friend featured in this photo. 

Last Day of School:
Now this is between 'Best Friend' (a previous post is on her - here) and I. She left the school this day and as an act of complete amazingness she bought the whole tray of our school's famous cookies. This brought a lot of awing from the other years, and angered many of the school but to us and our friends was utterly brilliant. I love you <3 font="font">

As a birthday present, my amazing Friend 2 gifted me a Sunday Wireless Festival ticket. It's the coolest day festival, in London as soon as we break up for summer. The day i went to featured Rihanna,Jessie J, Labrinth and way more. It was incredible and at some points we were at the very front with like 50,000+ people. 


Here you see me and Amazing Friend. Amazing Friend invited me to Monaco for a few days this July and it was amazing. We did so much in just a few days. The first picture shows me, looking like a squid, after falling asleep in the sun and getting sun burnt all over my face. On the right you see Amazing Friend bungee jumping ahaha. The bottom two, one of a view we had whilst out one evening, and on the right Amazing Friend taking a beautiful selfie. I'm so thankful for going and it was so much fun. I love you :*

 Summer Sleepover:
Didn't really know what to call this but basically this is me and Friend 2 in August. She was so tanned and we took like 400 photos of us doing crap all and I have never laughed so much. It was hilarious i died. It was too funny, i found two quite 'normal' photos but there were sooo many.

Ayia Napa:

Again I was invited on holiday by Incredible Friend, in Ayia Napa - Cyprus as she has a house there. It was beautiful. I'd never been to Ayia Napa, i'd only ever gone to the capital before. I was there for nine days and it was Incredible. We visited the famous Nissi Beach, what the 3rd and 4th picture are of. The 1st picture is of me, looking angry, and our friend we met in Cyprus who we're just going to call Cyprus Friend. He annoyed me. The 2nd picture is the only one I could find of (That we both would like) Incredible Friend and I. I was going to post the video of us on the Napa Slingshot, google it. But i thought i'd save that for later. It was so hot there and just utterly amazing. Thank you so much Incredible Friend <3 .="." font="font">


  In October I was very lucky to go on a trip to Pompeii, Italy where it was really hot. I went with my school for a few days and it was amazing. The first picture is of Friend 3 which I took on the 1st day and i just think it's beautiful of her. The 2nd photo is of me and 2 other friends - mind the fact i look like a bug. The 3rd photo is of Friend 4 & 5 on Mine and 5's (girl on the right) balcony. Our room was awful (three single beds pushed together and thats pretty much it + a step) but there was a huge balcony that was like the whole roof of our 2 star hotel. The last photo is from the last day on the coach.. I'm the O on the right hehe.


 Cats & Bunnies
In November I had some friends over and it was really fun. We all dressed up as cats and bunnies and we couldn't stop laughing. Definitely hilarious and I can't help but smile when I think of it.

Winter Wonderland
On the opening day of Winter Wonderland, london (a giant fair in Hyde Park with rides and everything fun), Amazing Friend and I went. We always go together on the 1st day or opening weekend and go on so many rides. Here's our photo, so attractive - i know.

And now we are up to December..
Ellie Goulding:
On the 18th of December, as part of my christmas present, one of my sisters (the first one on the left) bought me, my other sister and her boyfriend standing tickets to Ellie Goulding live in the Southhampton Guildhall (where she goes to uni) and it was incredible. After 3.5 hours of standing in the freezing cold, we got front row. I loved it, thank you so much Sis.

So that's where we are now and on Christmas Eve, I wish you Merry Christmas and a great new year. I'll keep you updated.


  1. I love that lip tattoo! You look gorgeous :)

    1. aw thank you so much, Emma, thank you for following. Have a great year xoxo

  2. Awww you look so pretty in these pictures! Looks like you had an amazing year hun! Hope you have another great one ahead :) xxxx

    1. aww thank you so much! and thank you for following, darling!
      I hope you have a great year too,
      Perdi xoxo

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  4. Seems like you had an amazing time in 2012! And you're so lucky that you got to see Ellie Goulding live, I'm a huge fan of her :) xx

    1. It was an amazing year, thank you so much for commetning! Im a huge fan too, so happy i saw her xx