Friday, 23 November 2012

My Best Friend

I'm going to write this post, if I publish it I have no idea. I think i'm going to ask permission from my best friend if I can publish it. Raindrops, this is probably the hardest post I have ever had to write, and probably the hardest post I will ever write.

I'm currently reading a book, which I will do a gliterature on called 'The End of Everything' - Megan Abbott. And for some reason, even only 50 pages in, it's very dear to my heart. It's about a girl whose best friend gets kidnapped. Whilst reading it just down, at 2am I thought what would I do if that happened to my Best Friend? And that's it. I broke down in tears. The girl in the book was so strong about it. I couldn't be. There has been so many times when nobody could get in contact with her and we would all start worrying. Everyone was worrying because they couldn't reach her. She's always fine of course, hopefully she will ALWAYS be fine. But I was so worried for her. All that had happened is that her phone was out of battery. I was angry afterwards, so angry that she got me worked up for no reasons but then I remember suddenly having the thought 'what if something has happened to her, and i'm angry' and I stopped even feeling angry and just started asking everyone if they'd heard from her.
Cheeky school selfies :*

I've known her since Year 3, UK. I've known her since we were like six or seven, when she joined my school. I remember us standing in my old house, with our mothers, and having our backs turned to them so they couldn't tell who was who. When we were younger, especially from the back, we looked very similar. Now we look nothing alike, and I guess the only similarities we have now are our hair colour, eye colour and height. Still quite a lot though. She's a lot more beautiful than me though, and a lot thinner. To me, she is everything a best friend a best friend should be.

She means the world to me. If anything happened to her, like the best friend in the book, I have no idea what I would do. She doesn't go to my school anymore, but we still talk pretty much every day. I think I wouldn't be able to be the same person without her. I think I wouldn't be the Perdi I am today without her, nor could I ever be like i am today if she wasn't here. 

So, Best Friend, you mean the world to me and thank you so much for making me who I am today. And thank you for being who you are. 

Being a blogger and knowing, from bblogger chats, that you prefer more personal posts I'm considering this becoming VERY personal.

During this year we've suffered many problems in our friendship. All that has now been overcome. Sometimes I do wish I got mad, or angry, or confrontational but that is not who I am but in a way I go regret it.

There was a time in February when me and Best Friend had a rough patch. It was mainly through other people mixing sh*t and getting involved. Then I found things that made me really upset, things I could read and see in black and white that had been said. I should of told her straight away that I knew what had been said, I didn't. One of the reasons I didn't was because the way I found out - I was in the wrong. I shouldn't of ever found out these things, so i kept them a secret. We continued being best friends with no problems - well besides usual bickering. One day I just snapped and told her I knew. I didn't say it rudely or nicely either. But I said it. And I furious. After months, it must of been around 3 months, I felt released. But not resolved. I never realised how much I meant to her, and she was so upset when she knew I found out. In a way I understand what had happened, peer pressure is a part of every teens life. Best Friend, I am 99% over this so you don't need to feel bad anymore! The one percent left is my fault. I feel like I didn't do the classic teen-girl-drama yaknow all revenge and karma so in away I wish I did get all mad at her, it would make both of us feel relieved I think because after a few days of awkward glances we got over it and moved on. That's how good friends we are.

Even the big things mean nothing because she is there for me, and I am always here for her. 

She knows i'm writing this now by the way, so i'm never going to go into full details about her, I've mentioned Best Friends' name here before but I think it's best not to feature it in this post. 

Want to see a picture of us?

Ok. We don't actually look like that but I think it's good enough to show off our friendship. 

And as karma I thought i'd show off Best Friend with a picture of her in her full on Dumbslut mode:

 Credits to me because I took this AMAZING photo. 

I tag you all to do this post, write a post about your best friend and link in the comments down below! Or just leave me a comment about yours! 


  1. oh perdi this is beautiful, i feel exactly the same way about my best friend.