Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer 2k12: What i'm Looking forward to

Hey Raindrops, 

I'm back with another post in my summer series, on what i'm looking forward to! 
I just broke up for summer today and in 9 days i'm going to Monaco, France thanks to my lovely friend Jeanette, follow her blog here. I'm so excited! 

But this is what i'm looking forward to this summer:

Whose not excited for beaches - lying on the sand, warm sea mmmmm beaches

 Sun bleached hair!
I cannot wait to lye out in the sun, maybe with lemon on my hair, and have my hair gradually get lighter and blonder ah i love it :)

Among the blonder hair, tanner skin. I once saw a tweet from 'Life of a Barbie' saying 'you know it's summer when your hair gets lighter and skin gets darker' and for me i think that is soo true. I rarely get tanned but this summer i am gonna make sure i will! But with tanning my freckles come out but then with a tan i don't mind. And unlike other people i want me some tan-lines :)

I think that's a bit of an understatement, the sun. I need that for most of these other things and you can't have summer without the sun. Unless you live in the UK, like me..  

Bikini Body
Well or weightloss, since summer is coming up i don't get as hungry and i have more fruit and veg at my house than at school so i naturally will have less junk food so i will hopefully lose a bit of weight. Plus i want to work out a bit more!

Well that is some of what i'm looking forward to in general, if you like this style post comment below and i'll do more, like what am i looking forward to for Ayia Napa, Cyprus or what am i look forward to for Monaco and like things like that! 

Please comment and follow, i have a giveaway post coming up next!

Perdi @ WMRDX

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