Saturday, 5 May 2012

I ain't no hipster, girl i make your hips stir (Wish List)

Hey Raindrops,

I'm back so soon on my practically 4-day weekend with another fashion post on the 'hipster/tumblr trend'....Any Mac Miller fans out there? Well if you are then you must know my blog post title 'I ain't no hipster, girl i make your hips stir', from his song Frick Park Market..I LOVE his songs at the moment, especially Frick Park Market...
But anyway i was recently stalking asos, boohoo, misguided and found some really cool finds! and they're all kinda hipstery, yaknow with the crosses and peace signs and cool shorts but some are just random cool its kinda a semi-hipster wish list..DISCLAIMER: I AINT NO HIPSTER.

I've been loving the collar looks recently, like with the special collars and the one above is soo pretty. I love cross jewellery and tops as well like the simple ones not like multiple cross leggings but i am not christian so i cant really wear them, i love sheer tops at the mo as well AND SHORTS..everyone knows my OBSESSION with shorts and these two pairs are amazzzzzzzzing
That's all for today girls...
Off to bed now

Have you found any amazing finds recently? what do you think of the hipster: vans, highwaisted tie dye shorts and crop top trend recently? I quite like it....What trends you into? COMMENT DOWN BELOW, i love your feedback and thoughts!

Perdi @ WMRDX