Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hey I Heard You Are A Wild One

Hey Raindrops,

I'm back again with another post on some WILD things, hence the song title as my blog title yaknoww HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I HEARD U WERE WILDDDD ONEEEE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, act like crazy foolish stupid enter more rap here hahaha
Well yeah! So heres some WILD Things! 

Brown Tiger Bandeau Bikini - Topshop

How Wild is the top? I'd rather plain black bottoms but these are still...cute... I  love it though! 

Other wild loves:

Love this wildly bright Triangle Bikini top from Topshop, the tops only £10 and the bottoms are £8 soo cute

Now how wild and crazy are these bad shoes! i guess u all know i have a thing for WATERMELON (well look at the title dumbass if you didnt already know) and then you get these crazy cool watermelon VANS like the non stop ongoing trend! I'll probably do a Summer Trend Alert series with a different post featuring the different trends or like a collage of trends and one of them is definitely Vans, thanks to the ever increasing 'Tumblr' trend, even though i've loved them for years! Comment below if you want this post! 

Night night Wild Raindrops

Perdi @ WMRDX