Saturday, 14 April 2012

Current WishList

Hey Raindrops,

Back with another wish list today on some rather..different items but i love them! Most of them are fashiony (3 dresses, a pair of shoes) but ones an electronic! Enjoy!


I adore this dress! It's is a mini dress, i just cut off the end of it with the picture below and yes it is pricey, i think that goes down to £80 but i love the ombre texture and the cutouts just seem so perfect! Not too big, not too shaped! Love. i think it would be soo cute for summer as well!

That price actually translates into around £35 which is quite good and i actually love it! The colour is soo cute, it also comes in black! It would be perfect for one of those warm summer evenings out! The knot detail as seen on the front is also featured in the back so there is like a 360* cutout. I just think it is utterly adorable! 

I LOVE THIS. i originally liked the Vicky dress by Jones and Jones, it's all over tumblr the white dress with the deep v back, but i tried it on and it looked eh! I tried this dress on and i loved it! The necklines quite high and its a bit chokey but i loveeee it! It has a triangle large cutout taking up most of the back and looks soo cute with a bright pink bandeau underneath..The sequins are pinky,yellowy like a boring muted sunset haha but it looks adorable on! 

Again these are american but any londoners want to get a pair they do have a store in Westfield Stratford! I'm deffs gonna go there at one point i think! These are my favourite out of the many pairs (6 pages worth of just flats) they also come in grey and yellow! And i just love the colourings! 

5) Blackberry Bold 1970 or BBBold 9900 - :D
ok i don't know the exact price on these hence the smiley face but i hate my current phone a random semi-touch screen NOKIA! ITS A FRICKEN NOKIA! But these 2 new bb have really caught my eye and i know i know i used to hate blackberries, still kinda do..But with my new realisation that i would not be able to use an iphone - i'd break the touchscreen in a second, and Androids are always frickin HUGE, blackberry is my only option....ND IT HAS BBM duh! I love the 9900, the one on the right..One second...someone just texted me, oN MY FRICKIN NOKIA and its gonna take me 10 minutes to respond due to the 3-letter keypad..haha ok back, it was my friend Matt.....The 9900 is my favourite, it's much bigger then the one on the left but is thinner, and keys are bigger, the touchscreen is big and nice and its just soo pretty but the screen is glass, unlike the 1970 which is plastic, my friend Grace threw her phone (ok, she shouldnt of thrown it) but the glass cracked! and im quite heavy handed so i would hate to break it! The BBB 1970 is plastic but smaller and thicker but the touch screen IS better...I DUNNO :p any help?

Well thats it for todays wishlist..DO you have anything you really want atm? What do you think of these items? Which BB would u recommend?

Perdi @ WMRDX


  1. those shoes are so cute! x

    1. hahaha ikr! I hope everything is ok with that person on ur blog! xxx

  2. My friend has the bb 9790 & I've got the 9900 & I prefer mine. The bigger screen makes it easier to use & it is pretty sturdy x

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