Saturday, 17 December 2011

Girl Crush: Mila Kunis

Long time no see! 

Hey Reindeers!

How yall doin today?? I know i haven't blogged for a while, partially because i 'might' be grounded and can only access my computer for my farming project for geography, i'm doing a whole project on Dragon Fruits...they are actually really cool! And pretty! And pink! So my poster board is PINK! My powerpoint is pink! And Dragon Fruits are pink! ahhh everything is pink!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i can use it to blog but i have an hour or 2 now where i've done loads of my project today, i have done like 10 slides on my powerpoint WITH ANIMATIONS - ok it should take me like 5 minutes to do that but it's pink! and the animations need to be perfect and i need to know all the information before i write it! 

But today i have a long awaited girl crush on the one and only big eyed beauty:
Ok, so let's get to the pictures to see why i have a girl crush on her! 

 natural, matte and beautiful! 

how amazing is her face here? The highlighted centre and the outlined eyes are amazing.

Mila always uses very complimentary fabrics when it comes to dresses, often pale colours or brights. Especially reds, she is often photographed in red red carpet dresses, this boosts her tan complexion and her eyes and she always looks stunning! She can wear darks, and does, often with a sleep updo. I realised it's either loose waves or a sleek updo or straight but it is always dark, never light blonde, sometimes a honey brown but not much lighter. Her face is always highlighted, usually at the centre though, not like most people who do it at the top of their cheek bones, i think this adds more attention to her eyes - like that new concealer in a triangle thing which adds brightness, i think this is what happens hear. And her lips are usually a pinky colour, like MAC Vivi Glam Gaga 1. 

She's an actress starring in older movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall (whom i am related to the director) featuring Russell Brand and Kistren something, the girl from Veronica Mars! I watched it today, she acts as a hawaiian resort worker, not the main protagonist but the one the main character falls in love with. Theres a picture of her above with a flower in her hair, a clip from the movie. She is also in more resent movies such as Friends With Benefits ft Justin Timberlake...LOVE THAT MOVIE. LOVE HIM. LOVE HER. and apparently there dating. LOVE MILTIN! 

Well as usual girl crushes are small posts! so i sign off now, but with a quick update on christmas!
I broke up for half term on Thursday and been celebrating xmas over the past few days, today i went to my family friends for a christmas dinner cause when they do it on the 25th they find theres boring and weird so they wanted an earlier one, a fun one and we were invited! it was a lot of fun! And tomorrow i have christmas early with my sisters father, my half-sister but we've always been bought up as full! He lives in Italy but travels across Europe and hopefully is moving to London soon but he's only in london overnight! And during the day he is taking ym sister xmas shopping for hers and our presents - hopefully a Ted Baker laptop case & purse me thinks! And then a lovely mother-cooked dinner later that evening! Me is excited!!! Oooo and on boxing day i'm changing traditions! My fam and i are going up to Bicester Village, our locallist outlet mall in Oxford. It has a CCO, jimmy Choo, Dior, Jack Wills, TED BAKER! me is doing some serious saving! ahh excited!!!!

Well thats all i have!

Lots of love,



  1. Great post, I always love Mila's makeup! Your Christmas plans sound like fun :) I've always wanted to go to Bicester Village but it's slightly awkward to get to from Essex!

    Your geography project also sounds alot more fun than the geography I did at school haha!
    Have fun shopping :)

    Hannah xx

  2. Ahahaa Hi Hannah,
    Love ur blog btw! Thanks so much for actually check it out! It feels so good to speak to another Lushie Blogger!

    Bicester Village is amazing, i live in london so its only like half an hour drive and theres also a train that goes straight from my local station but i take the car - its soo much fun! Hopefully one day u'll visit london and u could go! Its amazing! EVERYTHING is just incredible. i love it! never been during the sales, excited but must be sooo hectic.....

    I love Geography! Especially projects, my sisters going to uni next year for Geography! It runs in the family haha! Projects arreee my life! Especially when i have a lot of time and just get right on top of it and have fun whilst! ahhahaha i love them!

    Thanks for the comment..

    Best Wishes,
    Perdi xoxo

  3. Thank you! I love your blog too :)

    Ohh I love London, I'm not that far from the start of the central line so I go to the Stratford Westfield and Oxford Street quite often! I didn't realise that there was a train you could get to Bicester village though! I'm going to have to look into that haha!

    Oh wow that sounds interesting, I'm starting uni next year too to study Criminology and Sociology, I must be the same age as your sister :)

    Hannah xx

  4. Thank you for commenting back! And thanks for loving my blog hahahaha....

    Wow ok, i love Essex - i think its really cool in a non stereotypical way! Yeah, theres a train from Marylebone station (Near my house) straight to Bicester! OMG! All bloggers should do like a meetup! That would be soo cool!

    Ahh Hannah my sister was going to to that course! Where do you want to go? I saw on ur twitter that u got an invite to ur first uni choice, and so did my sister and my sister was going to do that course till last minute she decided to do geography (i secretly think she's a rock shhh)..Ahh it would be so weird if u went to the same uni as my sister!?!!!!!

    Does Chloe want to go to the same uni? Will u be like really sad if u dont????

    Perdi xoxo

  5. You're welcome haha!
    Haha! Essex is good :) Ohh wow I might have to go in the newyear then, that would be really cool!

    Oh wow, how strange! My best friend is doing Geography too, but she was going to do sociology haha! I want to go to Royal Holloway, Canterbury Christchurch or Cardiff but I've also been accepted to Kingston and Essex :) How about your sister?

    Ohh Chloe doesn't want to go to university, I think she wants to train to be a makeup artist instead, so we're going to be living sperately for the first time!!!

    Hannah xx

  6. Hi Hannah,
    U have to go in the new year! There should be a bloggers meetup there!

    hhahaaha thats so weird! my sister really wanted to do it but she decided against it last minute and decided she wanted to be a rock urmm i mean do geography, but i secretly think she is a rock! hahaahaha...Her first choice is South Hampton, but she's also applying Sussex, Nottingham, Brighton and Exeter - down south it is for herr..

    AHh that must be soo sad for u, when u leave... i can't imagine life without my eldest sister she is like soo close to me and she recently turned 18 and i like prefer her as my guardian to my mum hahahaha..Thats seems cool though - makeup artistry, i don't particularly want to go to uni but i want to go to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in America in LA or San Francisco! i want to be an entrepeneur when i'm older but have my own beauty range i dont mind if its candles, nail polish, clothes, shoes (I LOVE SHOES), makeup, perfume! i want it all! me is a greedy one!

    Perdi xoxo