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Rebecca Minkoff - Designer Loving

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just checking in today with a new post on a designer, i haven't done one of these in ages!, but one i just recently heard about my LOVE. I heard about her a while ago but whilst seeing some of her spring 2012 collection on Gabi's blog,, she got me REALLY interested so i looked her up. I said today i was going to do an a/w trends page but Rebecca is just way ahead and instead of just showing u my favourite winter pieces i found these. I love them all so much, out of budget but hey a girl can crave/obsess/love/ and not be considered weird right?
But anyways lets start with Rebecca Minkoff's fact file then move onto a/w, all pictures from the post are sourced by Rebecca Minkoff's website, link is hyperlinked, and one picture from zimbio..

Rebecca Minkoff
Born in San Diego, CA
Moved to New York where her love for fashion started, moved after her graduation
Started first apparel line in 2001 containing 5 items including an I <3 New York T
Now a big hit with celbs like Agynys Deyne, Kiera Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Greene and many more


So as you can see from this really nice collection of slides, thanks to my creative art work, Minkoff's Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection. Filled with nice coats, furs, blazers and snake skin and loads of lace and nice shaped dresses. I love everything but the price is from like $200-$600 but it is BEEEEAUTIFUL. my favourite coat is probably is probably the one on the top row on the left. I love the like colourful tropical flowly greeny blue top on the last full row on the left and the lace long sleeved v neck dress on the row just above that in the middle.....
Moving onto her most recent collection, her Resort 2012 so basically Spring/Summer 2012 like holiday wear i think..



I love all of this collection, well most of it but my favouritee FAVOURITE part as always: THE FASHION SHORTS, on the 2nd row i love the middle outfit the shorts ARE BEAUTIFUL! with the scallop edge or the grey print what else could i ask for...the coral shorts are stunning and very in trend. i also love all the lace, the dresses, tops. 

I love these collections but what about a few of her bags and shoes and accesories, let's see them! 
so here at the bags from the 2011 Collection

Bags from the Spring 2011 collection:

And for the accessories.....fall 2010:

and Spring 2010:

And that's the recent Rebbeca Minkoff's collections.....

I love all these collections, i love her outfits and her accesories are really cute! 
What do you think? any other designers u want me to do a post on? my next post will be on lush xmas collection! 

Have a good evening,

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