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Glitterature: Nobody's Girl by Sarra Manning

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Today i have a new series starting today inspired by one of my favourite Gurus on youtube, Elle Fowler, or Allthatglitters21. She has a series called Glitteratures. Glitter crossed with literature, so basically literature crossed with glitter. Check out her channel to see some of hers.....
Recently i read a book called Nobody's Girl by Sarra Manning...
Sarra Manning has written a few books i've written such as Guitar Girl. To compare her to another author would be Sara Dessen, haha similar names as well. Even the front covers of her books are similar. They are both great authors accept Sara Dessen sets her books in America whereas Sarra Manning sets her books in the UK, well part of it in Spain and France, but the character is from London so i can relate.

The book starts off with relatable push-over Bea. Completely average and an outcast, with three friends - Lydia, Ruth and Polly, but bought together by common personality - All outcasted. The year before Ayesha was best friends with Bea till she befriends popular Ruby. Ruby decides to befriend Bea and she becomes friends with the popular crowd, and once again is tight with Ayesha..

Push-over Bea had a home life of a nun,   especially being 17 and never kissed a boy. Mainly because of her mother, who got pregnant at 17 with  Bea, is soo highly protective of her that she just doesn't even go out. But Bea doesn't care till she starts hanging out with Ruby, who shows her what a real life at 17 is. Three months after becoming friends Bea is invited to Malaga with the girls, after her mother is convinced, they fly off to Spain for two weeks at the beginning of Summer! sounds like fun right?

Till Bea is forced to pay for their taxis, food, hotel, and shes sick of all their rudeness till she confronts them and Ruby admits that their friendship is not real and have a huge argument till Ruby and the gang walk out leaving Bea on her own. During the next few pages i gained so MUCH respect for Bea. She stands up for herself and throws all their clothes out of windows, Duty Free alcohol down the sink  writes Ruby a rude message and storms out. 

Bea dreams about Paris, and runs to the train station and buys a ticket. On the train she falls asleep and misses her stop and gets off at Bilboa, Spain. Now here is where it gets AMAZING. 
chShe meets a group of interesting American travelers, all aged around 20. Who take her under their wings. She meets Michael, Britany, Aaron, Jess and the gorgeous Toph (Full name ChrisTOPHer, pronounced like Loaf but with a T). Toph reminds me of something Frankie Cocozza from the X Factor would look like......YUM!. yum yumum yum yum yum.

After a few days of bonding, the first time being drunk and getting in a huge fight with Toph, the others flee back to America all accept for Toph and Bea.......They move on to Paris from trips around Marsaille and they bond, they share a room in the hotel and bond! Bea gets a phonecall from one of her grandmothers saying she has to come home TOMORROW! so T/B decide to make the most out of the final day. Once walking around and going back to the hotel, they cross the Pont Neuf..

That's when Toph decides to 'make a move' and gives Bea the best first kiss she could of imagined.............They go back to the hotel in a state of euphoria and they have a few, well 2 mainly, heated scenes. The scenes being graphic and not very PG13 were still standable and not cringe worthy. The fact that Sarra Manning included these scenes and was graphic about it makes the couple wayyy more relatable and more interesting.

After a few hours, its time for Bea's train to leave back to London where Toph surprises her and he's coming back with HER! hhoooow cute? But true love has to end some time right? Toph has to go back to america. So he does, and Bea writes him a letter for him to read on the plane........Stating that this time next year and 10pm she is will be standing on top of the Pont Neuf waiting for him, if he believes that they are destiny he would meet her there and greet her with a kiss....

Well i'm not going to ruin it for you! So i can't tell you wht happened! or happens? if anything happens that is................But i LOVED this book! i find Bea and beautiful character to narate the story with and her life is so interesting and Sarra found a way to show her whole history before that current date easy between 300 pages. All the other characters i found were lovely in their own way, such as Ayesha. The way she runs back to Bea at the end is so ive-been-the-worst-person-alive-but-im-sorry-take-me-back twist that i love her! I even find Aaron and Michael interesting, even though they are only in for a bit, because u really get the sense of their characters especially at a club they are all at when the rest deside to leave Aaron/Michael (twins) stay behind with two polish w***es who end up stealing Aaron's passport! LOL! Toph i find a bit unrealistic, the dark horse we all dream of finding and the unlikely one gets him? I love the idea of finding love in paris, fact is when i'm 17 in that summer i'm heading to Paris with a friend (i have two girls in mind, a girl called Yasmin or a girl called Amberli) and staying at the same hotel Toph and Bea stayed at - the Shangri-La. And hopefully falling in love with paris....

The couple - Bea/Toph, i find adorable! No mater what Bea does Toph is always there for her and vice versa. i THINK they are just so darn cute. Do u wanna her something else really cute? THEIR COUPLE NAME IS BOTH how cute? Or TEA which is also cute cause Toph finds her really British...


5 *****
Negatives: No sequel

You have to get this book! 
coming next is a company look-at called Teavana...

Lots of love,
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