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Lush Bloggers Game: Mystery Perfume Review 1 & 2

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Another day another post. But today one of my reviews so OBVIOUSLY it is important! As most of you would know, Lush has luckily let me take part in the FIRST Lush 'Bloggers Game'. So i'll start with a brief: The 'Top Banana', a high up position in the Lush Team - only 10 in the UK, at the Westfield London Lush Shop has set a task for bloggers. The task is to be given 2 mystery perfumes and review them in a quirky style, if they were a good what would they be? What colour would they be? Etc..Like a full quirky review.

So lets get into it!

Le lush Sample bottles!

So i was given samples 1 & 2 out of 9! I got the 1st 2 OUT OF NINE! nine! So there is quite a wide selection, so all the bloggers would have different varieties. 

Personally I liked my two but not LOVED them but they're still nice. They are a Required taste. So lets get started on the 1st one...

Number 1:
Has a very citrusy, like orange and lime, in the bottle. But on the skin as soon as its dried it goes to a very lemony fabreezey - the household air freshener, scent with a bit of tangy smell. After a few minutes it still smells like lemon but then has a marzipan undertone, i don't know if that is just my senses making that up but to me it really does smell like marzipan. but only slightly. 
If it belonged to a room, DEFINITELY without a doubt, a bathroom. A clean, sparkly white bathroom. Just because it smells like bathroom air freshener, do you know what i mean? Like really clean. I would want my bathroom to smell like that. 
If it was a food it would be, well besides from a lemon, probably Wine Gums or Fruit Pastels for some reason. Because they has a very tangy taste and it just reminds me of it, all small and fiery and strong. 
If they were a job/occupation it would be a maid or someone who works in a furniture selling store the specialises in bathrooms :).
 What country would it belong to? Ok i've been thinking about this for a lot of time and i would say Australia or Portugal because they just have a fresh, salty air about them. By salty i mean sea salt - when you smell it it brings back memories of your, well my childhood which is exactly what this perfume does. It reminds me of my childhood addiction to fabreeze. You all must think i am such a freak now, oh well that is le me.
 If it was an animal, a fish. Definitely a weird species of Fish. Probably a rare goldfish, which belongs to happy families. 
Ok now my perfume has a life story.......
If it was a colour it would either be Yellow or Turquoise. 
An item of clothing? Tights.
 If it was a book? ok hard question for me being such a big reader- one sec let me look at my collection. Ok it would be Peace Love & Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle - one of my favourite books! 
Which celebrity would it be? Tara Reid - she is just so bubbly and happy. If you don't know who it is she was in the American Pie films and is currently on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother. 

Now ,if you haven't already exited the page because you are thinking i must be the weirdest blogger ever, lets go on to perfume sample 2....

Number 2:
Has a candyfloss and bubblegum main scent, smell it closely you could smell some herbs, Oooh and possibly cinnamon, in the little sample bottle. On your hand, as soon as you put it on it smells exactly like Snow Fairy shower gel, limited addition out usually every xmas. So think of Angels dipped in Candyfloss. After a few minutes the angelicness remains  but the candyfloss scent fades into a more relaxed, less smelt, scent and the herbyness which i have now worked out to be Thyme, remains. After around ten minutes it becomes a strong herby scent but is subtle on your skin. Ok i worked out what it is. The Godmother soap. Described as Snow Fairy shower gel combined with bubblegum. So it's Godmother crossed with a herb garden....
If it was room it would be either a garden or a walk-in-waldrobe, i would LOVE my clothes to smell like that.
If it was food it would be marzipan...It needs a required taste to love it! Also if ur wondering why i'm not saying bubblegum or something i've described it as i had a theory you might not want me to repeat myself and have cooler resemblements.
 If it was a job/occupation it would be a Sales Assistant at a camping or sports or hobby store OR like someone at a kiosk desk.
What country does it belong to? France or North America - L.A in particular. Just because they are very chic, especially Paris - to me it has quite a Parisian aroma to it.
If it was an animal?  Snail - french, or a kitten or as my sister says a Unicorn because Perfume Sample 2 is mystical.
If it was a colour! PINK
Item of clothing: A 60's style dress....or bras and undies
If it was a book: L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad 
What celebrity would it be? Taylor Swift

And that is it for my 1st 'Bloggers Game' review on the unsold perfumes! Can i just thank Lush White City and all your amazing staff for letting me take part and treating me like a princess each time i come in! 
Next post shall be a Lush haul and again plz comment and follow means so much! And may i add an extra thank you to all my viewers and followers because without you i wouldn't of even been able to take part! So lOVE YOU! 

Till next time:
Perdi @ WMRDX

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