Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sole Society, JewelMint etc...OOTD + Ramble

Hola Chihuahuas,

Well i'm back from Somerset/Glastonbury and had a BLAST. On my full day there, Wednesday, we went to see the new Harry Potter Film, HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which was ommfg AMAZING. The story was so cute, and the actual film amazing even though Dumbledore looked a bit too thin to play Dumbledore and Voldemort had a very point head....random but pointy..Anyways it was amazing, but Harry was a bit of an idiot for dropping the resurrection stone - not to ruin it for the lame ones who are yet to see it but COME ON HARRY. Then today we went to Bath Shopping Centre which was really nice actually it had good shops and a beautiful uni which i think my sister is applying for then i had to sit on a train on my own for hour and a half reading a book and listening to Taylor Swift, Emily Osment and Ashley Tisdale on my Ipod. So in total Perdi is a happy bunny. Coincidence with the bunny thing cause my friend had an ADORBS one. 

Anyways todays post was more like my Borba Company post but on things that the company suggests for you by doing a quick survey.

My first one to mention is Sole Society, here is a picture for MY Closet:

Surprisingly i like most of these shoes. 
From top row, l-r they are:
Renee - Sparkle Espadrille
Moya - Toe Cap Flat
Sandra - Ankle Strep Flat
Bottom Row:
Lallixa - Genuine Leather Woven Sandle
Glendoll - Studded Platform Slide
Beverly - Leather Slingback
Out of all of these i love the Renee, Moya, Sandra and Lallixa. I think they are soo cute and so is the Glendoll but in black not in the weird green. The service also offers a view more thing but it could take 24 hours to refresh.
Personally i think this is the closest thing to my style and it really reflects my shoe taste, i love them. It is annoying though that the name isn't printed on the shoes.
I rate them:

now onto another site called ShoeDazzle!
I was given:
I like how they have the shoe names in the corner :). They do offer a wider choice or 'Showroom' as some sites call it. But honestly the only ones i would pick, NOT EVEN LOVE well except for the Calagary bag, i do like that but for the shoes i would chose: Audrey, Sincere and Club but i don't even like those THAT much. They survey was fun and very choosable if that makes sense, it was very individual so you can really let them know what your style is but i don't like the collections themselves which is the whole point 
so i rate:

Now onto probably the most famous....JewelMint.
This is for well as the website says Jewellery, but strangely the quiz is all on magazines and runways which kind of dissapointing. So this is the collection of items i recieved im my showroom:
The stuff is actually quite nice the things i like are:
Forget Me Knot Trio
Corsica Necklace
Fantasia Necklace 
Aurum Necklace 
i like the layout of the website, very professional and cute. And the jewellery is very funky yet , some pieces are, wearable.
I rate this 3.5/5 just cause i don't think a lot is very wearable and the survey is kinda long and a bit too like not to do with the topic of jewellery like unnecessary.

Tonight my sisters father is coming ovez for dinner which would be quite formal so i had to dress up. soo here is my outfit and makeup:

White Floral Top - Gilly Hicks
Black Lace Skirt - H&M



Soz i thought my lips in the bottom left picture was artistic and for once it looked like i had a near equal bottom and top lip, as you can tell my top lip is really thin. 

tiny bit of collection 2000 Long lasting colour concealer
Topshop Cream  Blush in Head Over Heals

bit of the concealer as primer, couldnt find my useshz (shortened version of usual, useshz)
The new collection 2000 supersize Fat Lash Mascara ( i end up buying ALL of there new mascaras, i have big fat lashes, skyscraper AND this)
My new fave makeup product:
Bourjois Paris Regard Effect Duochrome eyeliner in 60 Gris Pearle , or grey pearl i used this on my upper waterline and i love using it instead of black or brown its a lovely taupey grey which looks so natural-my-eyes-are-just-naturally-this-big effect

Mac Glaze Finish Lipstick in Stroke of Lust, a beautiful colour....

well im planning a giveaway and i'm saving up. I'm moving house so i wanna get new stuff on my own accord, new clothes/style for the new school year and all back-to-school essentials and the giveaway. I'm selling my drum kit and seeing my dad soon so i should get quite a lot from that and i'm looking for a part-time job just to earn like a tenner. I hve discovered so many new products lately a summer makeup new loves is deserving. And i'm back on my GG role, i stopped for a bit then got obsessed with Chuck Bass, The Basstard of all that is Gossip Girl. It started with his near-proposal to Blair then even the dirty skank Little J did an awful, undescriable thing to write from a 13 year old girl did and then he got shot. And lied about his name to a randomer helping him and that for some reasion i find kinda hot all of it. HE is mine. Chuck Bass forevz. 

Well thats it for now 


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