Tuesday, 17 August 2010

30 Day Tag: 09. A photo you took (on day 10 since i am not doing day 10 :( )

Hey everyone,
i decided, since doing this 30 Day Blogger task-thingy, that the point is to learn more about the blogger, well i decided another picture of me was pointless, hopefully u already know what i look like (dark blonde, blue/green eyes, beautiful etc..i can go on all day), to show pictures of my dogs....Frosti, the beautiful tiny white chihuahua and Cookie, the cute stupid King Charles Spanial......

Look at my little baby....this is Frosti..say hi frosti
frostie says : 'grrrrrrrrrrrrr'.
i dont think he likes my ocmputer. frost is a small long haired chihuahua, friendly, smmart (KNOWS HOW TO HIGH FIVE, soo cute) and adorable...he (she as u probs thought is a he) is i think nearly 5, gettin older there frosti, he looks very young for his age...i should ask him wat products he uses....hahahahaha hope u love my baby 2....


And now this is cookie, an incredible cute but still incredibly stupid dog, example a) for dumbness - if u look at the pic below u can c the black at the bottom of the wall, when repainting he ran straight into the wet paint....b) frosti, a year younger then him, tells him what to do. c) still does not know how to sit or high five :(...but i love him anyway........hes ma little 6yr old spannial babay....he is harmless, he wouldnt hurt a fly and so friendly...

- Cookie -

I love my poochies...i also have a cat which i mentioned in my previous posts, Splat, and my sis has an eel, esmeralda/esme, and a fish, moody......i love me animals.....

do u have any pets????? tell moi xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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